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Famous Vegetarians - Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet, Diva Zappa ??


  • Zappa, Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet, Diva Children of Frank Zappa. Dweezil and Ahmet have rock band "Z". Moon is an actress. Diva hasn't chosen a carreer yet. All are drug and alcohol free as well. Source: April 1993 Playboy Interview with Frank Zappa. Liner notes from "Confessions" (1991 Dweezil Zappa). Personal Conversations with Dweezil.


  • Dweezil Zappa - He has a new show (Food Network) with girlfriend Lisa Loeb called "dweezil and Lisa", and is seen eating meat. - Bridget, WI (2004)
  • Dweezil is not vegetarian. On his food show, he eats chilidogs, chicken, etc. - Alex, TX (2004)


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