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Bob Weir (1947 - )

Bob Weir (born Robert Hall Weir, October 16, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, most recognized as a founding member of the Grateful Dead.

After the Grateful Dead disbanded, Weir performed with The Other Ones, later known as The Dead, together with other former members of the Grateful Dead. Weir also founded and played in several other bands during and after his career with the Grateful Dead, including Kingfish, the Bob Weir Band, Bobby and the Midnites, and his current band, RatDog.

from July 15th, 1999:

Bob Weir weds Natascha Muenter in Mill Valley - After the wedding, the party retired to Weir's house for a Vegan dinner.

from :

He turned his love for vegetarian cookery into a fund-raiser for various nonprofits, selling various cooking sauces (go to for more info) on their behalf.

from, March 2007:

My friend Jannette is PETA’s Director of Special Gifts and she leads a glamorous life wining and dining with various dignitaries and celebrities. The other day, her glitterati lifestyle landed her in the company of none other than former Grateful Dead and now Rat Dog guitarist Bob Weir and his family.

It turns out that Bob has an amazingly cool daughter named Monet, who has been veg all her life and LOVES Ingrid Newkirk’s new kids’ book. And Bob even donated one of his guitars to auction off for PETA last year. Could this family be any cooler?




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