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Ringo Starr (1940 - )

Ringo Starr, MBE, was born Richard Starkey on 7 July 1940, and is currently known as an Academy Award-winning English musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known as the drummer for The Beatles. He was the last to join the "Fab Four" line up.

  • Liverpool Daily Post, 2006 : ". . . Ringo, together with wife Barbara Bach, . . .We're vegetarians and we grow a lot of fruit and veg ourselves . . . "

  • from, posted by Louise :

    Ringo was less keen than the others to give up meat as he suffered stomach problems due to a childhood illness. When the Beatles visited India in 1968, one of the reasons Ringo came home earlier than the others was because he couldn't eat the spicy vegetarian food. . . . Ringo had spent long periods in hospital with peritonitis as a child and found the food much too hot for his taste. Mal Evans assembled a stock of eggs so that he could cook Ringo fried, boiled, poached or scrambled eggs, and Ringo himself had resourcefully brought along a suitcase of baked beans, just in case." - [Source: "Many Years From Now" - Barry Miles, 1997]

    When Ringo went to Hunter Davies' for dinner one day, he warned Davies that the Beatles were vegetarians now. Davies' wife, Margaret Forster, cooked a vegetarian meal for him, but when Ringo arrived he explained that although he was vegetarian he didn't actually like vegetables and would rather have beans on toast! [Source: "The Beatles, Football and Me" - Hunter Davies]

    Ringo was asked about his diet in December 1973 and replied, "I eat meat twice a year. On Bonfire Night I have a sausage and Christmas I have a turkey with the festivities, because it is exciting. I am getting excited over Christmas. So they are the only two days I have it." [Source: "The Beatles After The Break Up" - Keith Badman]

    In a 1995 interview, Paul McCartney said, ""We all turned out to be veggie. Ringo's walking around with, like, a bag of seeds, so healthy".

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