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Captain Sensible (1954 - )

Captain Sensible (born Raymond Burns, 24 April 1954) is a singer and guiarist (and sometimes bassist) who grew up in Croydon, England, and founded the punk rock band The Damned in 1976. After leaving the band, he reinvented himself as an alternative pop singer with a rebellious, self-conscious image. His signature headwear is a red beret.

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By this time [early 1980s], his status as a member of the Damned made him a regular topic of coverage in the British music press, and he became well-known for various beliefs, including devoted vegetarianism and an opposition to war, which he presented in bitingly satirical fashion.

Captain Sensible proved more charming than any other veteran of the punk scene. His vegetarian-oriented single "Wot, No Meat," was a success.

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