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Cyril Scott: (1879-1970)

Cyril Meir Scott (September 27, 1879–December 31, 1970) was an English composer, writer, and poet.

Chronology extracts from

  • 1891 Enrolls in the Frankfurt Conservatoire to study piano
  • 1895 Meets Norman O’Neill, Roger Quilter, Balfour Gardiner and Percy Grainger (The Frankfurt Group).
  • 1903 While in London attends lecture by Annie Besant and becomes interested in Theosophy [theosophists are vegetarian].
  • 1903/4 On return to England becomes interested in Raja Yoga and then in Occultism.
  • 1909 Revises early Piano Sonata in D as Handelian Rhapsody, dedicated to and edited by Percy Grainger.
  • 1913 On invitation from Mahler's widow visits Vienna. Scores great success.
  • 1917/18 Becomes friends with G.B. Shaw.
  • 1922 Composes Indian Suite for piano
  • 1929/30 Karma Suite performed in Dortmund.
  • 1935 Writes An Outline of Modern Occultism published in London by Routledge.
  • 1945 Accept Percy Grainger’s offer of house in Pevensey Bay, Sussex.
  • 1946 Writes Crude Black Molasses, the Natural Wonder Food published in London by True Health Publishing which eventually sells in hundreds of thousands all over the world. Writes Medicine, Rational and Irrational also published by True Health Publishing.
  • 1948-50 Writes Cider Vinegar: Nature’s Great Health-Promoter and Safest Cure of Obesity published in London by True Health Publishing.
  • 1953-56 Writes Simpler and Safer Remedies for Grievous Ills, published by Athene Press in London.Writes Constipation and Commonsense published by Athene Press in London.

The 1979 IVU World Vegetarian Congress included a piano recital of music by vegetarian composers, including Cyril Scott and Percy Grainger.


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