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Ric Sanders (1952- )

Richard 'Ric' Sanders (born 8 December 1952, in Birmingham, Warwickshire) is a British violinist who has played in jazz-rock, folk rock, electric folk and folk groups, including Soft Machine and Fairport Convention. Although he is primarily a jazz musician, Sanders also plays in rock, folk and world music groups.

Ric joined Fairport Convention 1985.

from 2002:

How did you and Chris [Leslie] come to terms musically and personally with having two fiddlers in Fairport?

We've been friends for years. We'd been planning to do some duo projects together for years before Chris came into Fairport. We were always saying "We must do something," but we could never get our schedules to work together. So, when Chris came into Fairport, it was "Hey, this is great." It's fantastic having Chris here. He feels like my brother. And now there's another vegetarian in the group. It's not just me when we go to restaurants in some foreign country trying to find out what on the menu I can eat. We can hang out and drink a lot of herbal tea and light a lot of joss sticks. [laughs] And the audience loves the two fiddle thing.

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