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Lee "Scratch" Perry (1936- )

Lee "lauren" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry, on March 20, 1936, in Kendal, Jamaica) is a grammy award-winning reggae and dub artist, who has been highly influential in the development and acceptance of reggae and dub music in Jamaica and overseas. He employs numerous pseudonyms, such as "Pipecock Jaxxon" and "The Upsetter".

from 2006:

He has written songs about eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, roast duck, cow’s foot and fried fish but is now a vegetarian…
"You are what you eat, and I don’t want to be dead meat. I want to be a vegetable. Ha ha! That is much healthier."

from 2006:

So Lee, when you are not touring, do you live a quiet life? Do you raise your own food?
L: A quiet life? I live a quiet life. I used to eat meat, I don’t eat meat anymore. I used to drink wine and the rum, I don’t drink it anymore. I used to smoke ganja, herbs, and marijuana and cigarettes; I don’t do those thing anymore. I’m livin a life and choosing the vegetarian food. And it bring me back to when I came here first as an angel.
I was eating vegetarian, so I start to copy the cow, and copy the animals. Because I start to copy animals, I discovered that the cows are vegetarian, and that they should be respected, and not to be killed and eat. I am vegetarian of the highest spirit, the highest knowledge, and the highest wisdom. And there are things that the animal know… things that the human being cannot know. Beca human being don’t make friend with them. The human being butcher them and kill them. And when you kill the cow, the cow curse the butcher. And the butcher sell the meat. So when you buy the meat from the butcher, the meat has been cursed. And some end up with a big, fat belly, some end up with big fat legs, some end up with big fat body.

This change appears to date from the late 1980s.

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