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Professor Elly Ney (1882-1968)

Elly Ney (September 27, 1882, Düsseldorf - March 31, 1968, Tutzing) was a German romantic pianist who specialized in Beethoven, and was especially popular in Germany.

from a history of the Eden vegetarian colony, founded in 1893, north of Berlin:
Eden got support from artists like the conductor Karl Klindworth, the Pianist Elly Ney and the sculptor Wilhelm Gross
. - it is not clear when Elly Ney was giving this support

16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany:
Later in the evening, The Animal Protection Society gave a concert with the famous Professor Elly Ney. now 82 years of age, giving a wonderful piano recital of Bach, Schubert and Beethoven. Vladimir Ruzdak (baritone) and Gisela Litz (mezzo-soprano) charmed the audience with their singing.

Quote, date unkown:
"Vegetarianism has been a concern of mine for decades, and I think it is the natural way of living for people. It is incomprehensible to me that not every animal friend is at the same time a vegetarian."

«Der Vegetarismus ist mir seit Jahrzehnten ein inneres Anliegen, und ich halte ihn für die naturgemäße Lebensweise des Menschen. [...] Es ist mir unbegreiflich, daß nicht jeder Tierfreund zugleich Vegetarier ist.»


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