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Famous Vegetarians - Moby

  • Moby Electronic musician (dance) source: Liner notes form various albums, interviews,views on cd cover, Liner notes of 1999 album "Play" (vegan)
  • Moby pop singer/writer source: album sleeves: "Everything is Wrong"/"Animal rights"; url: Moby is also famous as a Christian. He is a classically-trained musician who is successful in dance/rave/trance pop music. He changed his life-style following a period of excessive drug-taking.
  • Moby - musician - source: his website, many magazines/interviews - url:
  • Militant to Dilettante Vegan: Moby & Miyun Park's "Gristle" (April 2010 - link to
  • Download Moby remix from Fever Ray producer: Some weeks after I finished the remix, I flew to LA and accidentally was seated next to the man in a vegan raw food restaurant, so I found out not only what a nice guy he is, but also that the rumour was true!" (May 7, 2010)


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