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Reinhard Mey (1942- )

Reinhard Friedrich Michael Mey (born December 21, 1942, Berlin) is a German singer-songwriter, also known as a Liedermacher. In France he is known as Frédérik Mey.

Mey has released 24 German albums so far through 2005, and consistently releases a new album approximately every two years; his first album was Ich wollte wie Orpheus singen (1967); the most recent studio album is Bunter Hund (2007). His biggest success was Mein Achtel Lorbeerblatt (1972); his most famous song is considered to be "Über den Wolken" (1974). Mey usually embarks on an extensive concert tour every two or three years, with a live album released from each tour.

For years, Mey has been an avid vegetarian, and also has been active in the German chapter of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Several of his songs deal with the theme of prevention of cruelty to animals, the most famous one being "Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar".

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