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Chris Leslie (b. 1956)

Chris Leslie (b. 1956) is an English electric folk musician. In 1997 he joined Fairport Convention as singer and multi instumentalist.

from 2002:

You're a teetotal vegetarian. How does your approach mesh with Peggy and Simon's entertainment philosophies?

[laughs] It meshes very well. It goes back to your question about Swarb. You have to be tolerant in a band. You also have to be able to have your own space and let others have theirs as well. Peggy and Simon don't expect me to drink. That could be considered a tolerance from their point of view. It's all down to labels and it's a difficult thing. Musicians on the whole generally are expected to drink and be party animals and that's fine. Why not be a party animal? There's no reason not to. But within that, I'm just as happy not having a drink. I'm not saying anybody shouldn't have a drink or eat meat. It's just my way of life. It's something I've come to at age 45. In my 45th year, I'm really happy to not have a drink or eat meat. And I'm really happy for anybody else to live their life in a way that makes them feel happy within themselves.

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