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Phil Lesh (1940 - )

Phillip Chapman Lesh (born March 15, 1940 in Berkeley, California) is a musician and a founding member of the Grteful Dead. Lesh played bass guitar in that group throughout their entire 30-year career.

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By the time I was diagnosed with Hep C (when a test was developed in 1991), I was a happily married man, father to two beautiful, healthy sons, and ready to deal with my health. At that time there wasn't much information available, and few treatments with much promise, so I became a vegetarian, sought out alternative methods to strengthen my immune system and exercised daily.

from a blog site :

[date not specified]. . . one time Phil gave me a ride from Marin to Little River to see my grandparents, whom he met, . . . On the way, we were talking about validity of vegetarian karma, me being a vegetarian at the time, and he asked, if you ate meat and no one knew you did it, would it really affect your karma? or is it just a social thing? I insisted it was full out karma, and around that time a deer jumped in front of the car, Phill slammed on the brakes, and we came so close, but the deer was OK, but would not move, finally Phill agreed with me and the deer took off.


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