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Annie Lennox (1954- )

Annie Lennox (born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish musician, vocalist, and Academy Award-winning songwriter. She is both a solo artist and the lead singer of the musical duo Eurythmics, hailed as "The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive" by members of the rock industry on the VH1 show 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll in 1999. Both as a solo artist and with Eurythmics, Lennox has sold 80 million records. Her voice range is contralto.

from - an interview with The Face magazine 1984:

We're in a meat-free zone here, with copies of Vegetarian Times prominent in the waiting room. This is a sign of Annie's recent conversion, at the age of 29, to the vegetarian cause.

How long have you been a vegetarian?
Since I met him [her husband], eight or nine months ago. I feel rather than people saying to me, are you a vegetarian, my answer should be, you mean you're not? Being vegetarian makes me feel more responsible. When I see people eating meat I'm aware of the slaughter that's gone on so instead of simply eating a meat pie when I'm hungry, I renounce it. From a Karmic way of looking at it -andI know people are going to think I'm a complete nutcase now - one incurs a great deal of very bad karma through eating meat.

an undated, unsourced quote from some years later :

I became a vegetarian because I was influenced by this man I got married to who was Hare Krishna. I forget what he was called, hahaha !

from November 2005 - the dates don't tally with above if she was already vegetarian...:

Lennox was always conscious of being an only child and an outsider, which explains why she bonded so intensely with Dave Stewart. They met in 1976, when he walked into the vegetarian cafe where she was waitressing and asked, jokingly, "Will you marry me?"

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