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Famous Vegetarians - Avril Lavigne ??


  • Lavigne, Avril, Musician, source: Interviews,
  • - Was also in PETA's poll of sexiest vegetarians
  • peta2's list for vote of sexiest vegetarian '06


  • Avril Lavigne is not a vegetarian! I have read it several sources that she is a hunter - Mike
  • stated in first posted journal: "Right now I'm sitting in the Pittsburgh airport. I just finished eating a McDonalds crispy chicken sandwich" - anon


  • In the January 2003 issue of Seventeen magazine, she admitted to "snagging a bite of Matt's cheeseburgers every now and again." Also in a recent interview, she said she prefers not to eat meat, but will not say she's a vegetarian "in case anyone caught her eating meat".

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