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Robert John"Mutt" Lange (1948 - )

Robert John "Mutt" Lange (born November 16, 1948) is a record producer and songwriter. He is one of the most successful producers in rock history. He has produced albums for artists such as Def Leppard, AC/DC, Foreigner, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Savoy Brown and The Corrs. His current projects are producing for and writing songs with his estranged wife, country singer Shania Twain. Her 1997 album Come on Over which he produced is the best selling record by any female artist of all time.

from wikipedia: A strict vegetarian and a follower of Sant Mat, he has not given an interview of any kind for decades, and prefers to live a secluded life, mainly in Switzerland, with Twain and their son, Eja. [However there were reports in 2008 of a separation]


. . . Mutt quit Sonovision in 1970 and the band rented a house on a fifty acre plot near Mudders Drift, fifteen miles from Johannesburg. They kept their gear permanently set up in the lounge and each had their own bedroom. Getting it together in the country was not an excuse for the band members to smoke bales of pot and drink themselves silly. They may have had long hair but that was as far as the rebellion went. "Hocus was an extremely clean band," Geoff says. Geoff mentions how him and Mutt used to have a few beers, but he didn't ever smoke and after he became a vegetarian he didn't even have a beer.

. . . Then he would put on his track suit, eat some breakfast or energy food, and go out running at least five miles, come back, eat some more, shower, and then go to the control room half an hour before anybody else. He was a vegetarian. In terms of discipline he was way out of his time and he never talked religion, but Steve imagined that there was some force that drove him on. He had a very disciplined lifestyle.

. . . Mutt’s unique way for remaining calm and composed in the business is something that has always followed him. He is an ascetic amidst excess, a monk among mayhem. People who worked with him knew he was a vegetarian and an exercise nut that didn’t drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs. Most people would not ask further and Mutt never volunteered much. Steve Brown figured since Mutt didn’t eat eggs that he was allergic to them and Mutt knew but chose never to correct him. For those who are interested, Mutt Lange has had a guru in India for thirty years to whom he has always been very spiritually devoted. He never wanted to be in the limelight and occasionally it is like he is using his spiritual path to guide him to his end result.

. . . Three members of Def Leppard who have had their share of rock and roll excess leading directly to tragedy are now vegetarians. Guitarist Phil Collen was first and now drummer Rick Allen and Vivian Campbell are also vegetarians. Phil Collen has also been heavily influenced by Indian Spirituality and the laws of Karma, though he never tells which path he follows. Rick Allen has fought a long battle against Tequila and Cocaine, has now found his own spiritual peace. Rick says, “I’d been heading that way ever since I met Mutt. For years I knew that might be an answer, but instead I had been attracted to the polar opposite—here’s a bottle, here’s a mirror---always banging my head against the wall, hurting myself. I realized that I had to find my spiritual side, a cleaner way of life. It’s a purely personal thing.” It’s hard to find anyone who will say a bad or let alone any, word about Mutt.

. . . Bryan Adams has said a little. Bryan had battled facial skin problems and then he had given up eating red meat. He followed Mutt’s example, he stopped eating anything with a face, no chicken, no fish, and no eggs. He also started to explore Mutt’s spiritual path. Bryan says, “He improved my spiritual life. I’m not incredibly religious or spiritual, but  I learned a lot of ways from him, the laws of Karma. I read books on his path and it’s very interesting.”

. . . Mutt is the kind of person that when he sets out to follow a way it is all or nothing. He will not commit to a vegetarian diet and then turn around and eat a steak on his birthday.

. . . In 2000, a tabloid newspaper in America and Britain attempted to link Mutt and Shania with a controversial Sant Mat offshoot led by Thakar Singh, which has many followers in Germany and Switzerland. Thakar claims to follow the path of Kirpal Singh, but he split from Kirpal’s designated successor, Darshan Singh (whom Mutt continued to follow), in the end of the seventies and set up his own sect. Mutt Lange is not a follower of Thakar Singh. He meditates and exercises regularly, sticks to his vegetarian diet, stays away from alcohol and drugs, and keeps a regular journal

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