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Jim Kerr (1959 - )

James "Jim" Kerr (born in Toryglen, Glasgow, Scotland, on 9 July 1959) is the frontman, lead singer and lyricist of Scottish band Simple Minds. They achieved five UK number one albums and a number one single "Belfast Child".

from - interview with Lousie Gannon - 'The Express' 21st February 1998 (UK):

These days Kerr spends much of his time in Ireland in a mansion outside Dublin he brought with Patsy when they were married. he is in good shape and still looks boyish. Tactile and chatty, he's relaxed in female company. His fairish hair is cut short and his clothes - T-shirt and black jeans - are discreetly expensive. He admits to working on his apperance. He runs every day, has given up alcohol and keeps to the vegetarian regime he began when he first met Chrissie Hynde. "I was eating a burger. She looked at me and said: "You're too cool to eat meat'. There was no lecturing, no shouting, it was just this incredible feeling she was right."

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