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John Paul Jones (1946 - )

John Paul Jones (born John Baldwin on January 3, 1946) is an English multi-instrumentalist musician, and was known for being the bass guitarist, the keyboardist and the mandolinist for rock band Led Zeppelin.

from (in 'Trivia'):

  • Does JPJ eat meat?
    "I stopped eating meat for a number of reasons - I don't like what they put into it, and raising cattle is not a very productive use of land. Since I've stopped [eating meat], I've felt better." He does eat fish though - "I love fresh tuna, salmon, shellfish, and crab... I'm very keen on Japanese food, especially sushi."
  • Then what does JPJ eat while on tour?

    "Even when touring, I've always found good places to eat. You can't live on drugs and alcohol alone."

See also Jimmy Page - there are many online references to him being vegetarian, but none with any specific evidence.


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