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Billy Idol (1955-)

Billy Idol (born William Michael Albert Broad) is a British hard rock singer-songwriter and musician. Born November 30, 1955.

from - The interview with Billy on Saturday 7th December 1996:

C : How long have you been a vegetarian?
B : Since I was 18, everyone told me I looked like sh** at 30, I feel like sh**, but I still look pretty good. [laughs]

from - apparently submitted by site visitors:

Billy is a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat, but does wear leather.
The only reason Idol is a vegetarian is because according to him, rock and roll and food don't go together.
Billy Idol is a vegetarian. He became a vegetarian not due to animal rights but due to the fact of being a rocker, drinking and keeping weird hours, his stomach would get upset. So he made a conscious decision to stop eating meat to avoid the stomach problems. He loves his leather pants
He is a vegetarin

from wikitalk - unsourced:

Idol became a vegetarian because he wanted to look like David Bowie [rather odd as Bowie was never vegetarian]. He is still largely a vegetarian but does eat shellfish. [both of these comments have appeared elsewhere, probably all copying each other...]

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