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Tony Hicks (1945 -)

Tony Hicks was the guitarist in the British rock band The Hollies.

from wikipedia:

Vic Steele, who, reportedly, didn't want to turn professional, left by May 1963 and was replaced by local guitar hero Tony Hicks (born Anthony Christopher Hicks, 16 December 1943, in Nelson, Lancashire).

from - originally Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Born Tony Christopher Hicks on December 16, 1945 [he certainly was not born 'Tony' in the 1940s, it would have been the more formal 'Anthony']

On the official Hollies website he states that he was 12 in 1957 - making 1945 the correct birth year.

Tony Hicks is listed on many websites as a 'famous vegetarian', no doubt started on one and copied by all the others. We can find no confirmation of this, but he's not really famous enough for anyone to have made it up so it probably originated in an interview. When, whether or for how long he was/is vegetarian is not known.

However, there are several people called Tony Hicks, including at least two other musicians, so there could be some confusion.

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