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Famous Vegetarians - James Hetfield ??


  • Hetfield, James Metallica singer + Guitar source: O.K. Magazine;


  • I was thrilled that was a vegetarian, so I went to their web page only to read that his favorite foods are meat & potatoes, B-bque and that he is an avid hunter!!!!!!!!! - Peggie, Sacramento, Ca
  • In an interview with Kirk Hammet (vegetarian, guitarist in Metallica) he said James was an avid hunter
  • James is not a vegetarian. Not at all, not by a long shot. Kirk Hammet commented on this on some interview on line when asked how him and James get along, and he answered that James' choices doesn't affect their friendship. He (james) also mentioned he has packs of frozen venison in his freezer. - liz, NYC
  • Hetfield, James (Metallica), USA, Metallica/singer; source: Years and years and years of being a vegetarian
    notes: Metallica James Hetfield, is not not not a vegetarian, he goes on and on in interviews about his love for hunting, it was in the Metallica home video him shooting and carrying dead animals.


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