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Glenn Gould (1932-82)


Gould referred to live music performances as a 'blood sport'.

an extract from an online blog by 'Calvin' posted Feb 3, 2006

Pianist Glenn Gould probably would have been vegan had he not died at age 50 in 1981. OK this one is a reach but otherwise I only got one and that's not much of a list. Here goes. He said, "By the time I was six, I made an important discovery that I get along much better with animals than humans." OK, not vegan, maybe just misanthropic, he was very quirky (freak?) too in many ways. Then there's this: "A few months before Gould’s untimely death he received a letter from a New York fan asking permission to use his recording of the Bach C Major Prelude and Fugue in a film to promote the welfare of animals. Gould responded that he would be delighted, adding, “As it happens, animal welfare is one of the great passions of my life, and if you’d asked to use my entire recorded output in support of such a cause, I couldn’t possibly have refused.” He also famously donated a major portion of his estate to the Toronto Humane Society. So in 1981 he was an animal welfarist, not vegan, but you gotta think that he might have been heading there had he lived. I don't know if he was vegetarian, but I think he was. He liked to eat scrambled eggs at a diner in the middle of the night, and he was addicted to arrowroot cookies (among other substances). Haven't other vegetarian animal welfarists become vegan? Hmmm, maybe. It's a reach, but I got nothin else on vegan classical music. Just a lot of useless information.


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