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Edgar Froese (1944 - )

Edgar Wilmar Froese (born 6 June 1944) is a German artist and electronic music pioneer, best known for co-founding the electronic music act, Tangerine Dream.

posted to, July 2007:

Edgar Froese is one of the most creative, visionary and talented composers and musicians to grace our planet. His solo CDS and his Tangerine Dream CDS are extremely eclectic and wonderful. He appears to be a great human being. Edgar is an environmentalist, pacifist, animal lover and strict vegetarian (no meat, poultry or fish). He is conducive for planetary peace.


Edgar Froese's Monologue from the UK Tour '81 [1981] Programme

. . . The restaurant closes at 3 p.m. so we have to hurry if we want something to eat. And believe me, we are hungry. I try to explain to the waiter that some of us are vegetarians. At first he doesn't understand at all. When he finally does, he seems to be irritated. He tries to smile but obviously doesn't have any sympathies. Apparently he prefers to serve those who enjoy little cooked pieces of carcass. But you should have seen his face when I tell him that I don't care for his wine, that I don't drink alcohol. He looks downright offended. He just walks out on us. This is getting ridiculous. I pour down a glass of mineral water and go to sleep.

from FAQ at - official TD website:

#41 Is it true that Edgar is an absolutely devout vegetarian, non-smoker and hates any type of drugs?

Yes, he became a vegetarian, a non-smoker and anti-alcohol 28 years ago [unfortunately this comment is undated...!]. He’s not fighting with anyone because of his attitude even if he lives that way by serious conviction. Often he finds himself in trouble because of the people around him not being aware that passive smoking for instance is as bad as the real thing. But he knows that whatever you do and what you finally end up with is part of the development of each individual’s consciousness. So most people are learning by doing – and some others by not doing.

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