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Julie Felix (1938 - )

Julie Felix (born 14 June 1938, Santa Barbara, California), is a folk rock recording artist, who was produced by Mickie Most on his RAK Records label.

from Sep 2005:

What comes across from being in conversation with Julie Felix is that one is in the company of a lady who walks the walk. She very much lives her spiritual beliefs. Being vegetarian with an understanding and experience of the  afterlife, she stands firmly against violence and war.

from May 2005

FIND ways to relax and learn about spirituality and natural health at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Society Halls next week.

There will be the chance to take part in yogaboxing and impact dance sessions, try organic juice and vegetarian dishes at food stands and hear music daily from 2.10pm. Among the musicians appearing at the show are Bliss, Julie Felix and Tukriyatu.

There are other similar references online to events of this type, which seem to be something of a specialism for Julie. She has also written items for Lantern Books, NY, which specialises in Vegetarianism and Animal Rights.

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