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Clem Burke (1955- )

Clem Burke (born Clement Anthony Bozewski, November 24, 1955) is the drummer for the band Blondie. Recruited by Chris Stein and Debbie Harry when they were first forming Blondie, Burke remained with the band throughout the first stage of their career and was instrumental in the late 1990s reunion.

from - interview for the Official Blondie Web Site Sydney, Australia, August 2003:

KF: You look really good. In the age of healthy living have you adopted a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime?

CB: Yeah. I adopted healthy living a long time ago. I basically became a vegetarian about 20 years ago and stopped smoking, stopped taking drugs a long time ago. I've actually just stopped drinking in the last couple of years. I never really had any problems with it, it was just kind of an ongoing life process type of thing. I've been big on exercise for a very long time and what I do involves the physical aspect.

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