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Charlie Burchill (1959 -)

Charlie Burchill (born Charles Burchill, November 27 1959, in Glasgow) is a Scottish musician and composer. He was one of the founders of Scottish rock group Simple Minds. He plays guitar, keyboard, saxophone and violin.

from interview with Stephen Phelan - Sunday Herald - 28th August 2005 (UK)

There is a trace of his background in his attitude to money. He doesn't want to blow it, he wants to use it. He stayed at his parents' house on the southside last night, "just so we would get some time to chat", and they were saying much the same thing to him. "They were saying I always had money, because I always had Saturday jobs. I was a butcher's boy, which was a tough job for a vegetarian. But you could buy a copy of Ziggy Stardust, or a ticket to see Alice Cooper. There was a great satisfaction in working for it, and not needing mummy and daddy to help you out."

There are many other references online to Charlie's vegetarianism.

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