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Famous Vegetarians - Vince Vaughn ??


  • Vaughn, Vince star of swingers, been in a mess of movies, I think he has one coming soon with Jenifer Lopez source: he did some campaigns that I read about, I remembered because he said he was a vegan since age 4
  • The site lists that Vince Vaughn has been vegan since age 4-- I don't know about that-- in a Detour interview it says that when Vince Vaughn was a kid, his dad was a part time meat salesman in addition to other jobs. The interview can be found under interviews on I find it difficult to imagine how a four year old kid could become a vegan with parents who sold meat...
  • My brother hasn't eaten meat ever. When he was three and in preschool, they had a snack of crackers with cheese and ham. He took one bite and spit it out. The rest of the family eats meat - but he won't touch it - so it is very possible that Vince just doesn't eat meat (regardless of his meat salesman father)


  • Vince is NOT a vegetarian unless very recently... He ate with the interviewer at the Old Steakhouse in NYC, claiming how nothing tastes better than a juicy peace of dead cow.
  • I saw Vince on a Bravo show where he sat around with other celebrities talking about acting. Aside from chain smoking through the whole show, I think he ordered a steak for dinner.
  • tonight show interview - vince said on a recent leno interview that his sister is a vegetarian but he is not.


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