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Famous Vegetarians - Ellen Burstyn ??


  • Burstyn, Ellen - Academy Award Winning Actress, source: article from Vegetarian Times titled "Alice Doesn't Eat Meat Anymore"


  • Alas, actress Ellen Burstyn is no longer a veg! From an interview in 2000,6737,393617,00.html:

    "As for Medea, that was very difficult. I actually took that problem to Lee. I'll tell you what I did. I wanted to work on this central problem of killing. How you go about killing. Now, in the film I had to kill my children - well, I
    didn't want to get that far. I mean I can do flies, and cockroaches and ants,
    but that's about it. I couldn't kill a chicken, I couldn't kill a cow - I was a
    vegetarian too at that time - so I thought, well what is there that I could
    kill? I couldn't kill this and I couldn't kill that. If I brought an ant on
    stage that's hardly the same as killing your children..."


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