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Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet
A Dietary Approach to Vegetarianism for Kids and Adolescents. 

The intention of this booklet is present to kids and adolescents a healthy vegan diet, but first:

Have you ever heard of veganism before?

Are you a vegan?

Do you know any vegans?

How about we start from the beginning?

Zac Lovas, from Veg Voyages Foundation, is based in Jakarta, but travels all around Asia. He asked us for some help in the schools they are opening in Cambodia:

"Any type of materials - printed (pdf/digital links, and/or any design files that we can translate to Khmer here so we can translate/print out here), videos (downloadable links or mp4), game ideas, etc. - anything for kids between ages 8 to 14 years old that would help them learn about animals, animal welfare, conservation, environment, protecting the planet and the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet - would be wonderful. Nutritionist advice would be wonderful as well!"

So the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet was written because of this request.  The VegVoyages Foundation is building a series of free Vegan mini-English class village evening schools that will be opened from 5 to 8pm 6 days a week. Kids, from 8 to 14 years old, will learn English and also learn about animal welfare, conservation, recycling and environment protection, and better health (personal and planetary) through a vegan diet. 

It is first being implanted in two different locations in Cambodia. Then it will expand to Battambang (also in Cambodia), and then to schools using the same model in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Laos.

The common aspects between all chosen regions so far is being rural and having very low income, therefore there are no afterschool English classes available for the students anywhere nearby. So the VegVoyages Foundation is building classrooms with attached mini-library - which the kids really like. The kids will help decorate as a way of stimulating them to come to class. These classrooms will be like mini-community centers and library all in one.

This Booklet was also incorporated by the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira - SVB), and will be used as official material on the project Segunda Sem Carne (Meatless Monday).

Apart from that, the Booklet will also be used in a school in the countryside of Parana, Brazil for kids of about 10-12 years old.

The Japan Vegetarian Association, whose president is now on the International Council of IVU, will translate this Booklet to Japanese.

It was written by Milena Dias Brandão, a Nutritionist who also took part in the IVU's Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults. 

Download the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet for Kids and Adolescents

Download the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet for Kids and Adolescents