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The International Vegetarian

Union’s  Vegan Nutrition

Guide for Adults

General Public Edition

Material in 2 versions:

1. For healthcare professionals
2. For non-healthcare professionals

Also avaiable in Spanish and Portuguese.

Unlock the Vibrant Potential of Plant-Based Living with the IVU Vegan Guide

Welcome to a transformative journey with the IVU Vegan Guide, your ultimate resource for embracing a vibrant and healthful plant-based lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned vegan, a curious beginner, or someone seeking a more balanced diet, our comprehensive guide is designed to empower you with all the knowledge you need.

Explore the vast benefits of veganism, from optimal nutrition across all life stages to disease prevention and management. Navigate potential challenges and learn how to ensure you're getting all the crucial micronutrients. Delve into the depths of essential macronutrients, learn to optimize your intake, and even discover a treasury of delicious and nutritious recipes to delight your palate.

With the IVU Vegan Guide, you'll not only discover how simple and satisfying plant-based living can be but also experience the empowering realization that the choices you make about food can have profound impacts on health, the environment, and animal welfare. Embark on this rewarding journey today and join the thriving community of people worldwide who are harnessing the power of plant-based living.

Dive Deep into the Whys and Hows

of Vegetarianism

Learn about the key definitions, global impact, and trends in vegetarianism. Understand the interplay between food choices and sustainability, and explore how vegetarianism can help address the major health challenges we face globally.

Uncover the Health Benefits

of a Vegetarian Diet

This section offers valuable insights into how a vegetarian diet can help prevent and treat various chronic diseases. Discover the nutritional benefits of plant-based food and understand how to meet dietary needs with vegetarian options.

Master the Art of Supplementation for a Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Understand the critical nutrients your body needs and how to supplement them effectively with a vegetarian diet. From protein and Vitamin B12 to Omega-3, we've got it all covered.

Craft a Perfectly Balanced

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Learn how to create a nutritionally complete vegetarian meal plan. Gain insights into food groups, macronutrients, and micronutrients to ensure your body gets what it needs for optimal health.

Understand and Optimize Your Macronutrient Intake

Explore in-depth knowledge about the roles and sources of essential macronutrients in a vegetarian diet. Understand how to get enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats to meet your body's needs

Don't Miss Out on Crucial Micronutrients!

Learn about the micronutrients often overlooked in vegetarian diets. From Vitamin B12 to Iodine, ensure you're meeting your body's requirements for optimal health.

Navigate the Potential Pitfalls of

Plant-Based Eating

Gain a clear understanding of the antinutritional factors in plant-based diets and how to avoid them. Learn how to maximize nutrient absorption and optimize your overall health.

Harness the Power of Vegetarianism for Disease Prevention and Management

Learn about the evidence supporting vegetarian diets for the prevention and management of various diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Understand how the food you eat can be your first line of defense against illness.

Ensure Optimal Nutrition

at Every Stage of Life

From pregnancy to elderly care, understand how to meet the unique nutritional needs of different life stages with a vegetarian diet. Uncover how to ensure proper growth, development, and maintenance of health across the lifespan.

Delicious and Nutritious

Vegetarian Recipes Just for You

Get access to a collection of our favorite vegetarian recipes. From breakfast to dinner, these recipes are packed with flavor and nutrients to keep you satisfied and healthy.

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Acknowledgements and Partnerships:

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and express our profound gratitude to Dr. Eric Slywitch, the esteemed author of The International Vegetarian Union’s  Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults. Dr. Slywitch dedicated his time and vast knowledge as a volunteer with the International Vegetarian Union, making this comprehensive guide possible. His commitment to promoting the benefits of vegan nutrition is instrumental in enlightening healthcare professionals around the world. We also extend our thanks to the Brazilian Vegetarian Society for their invaluable support in this project.

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