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pdf A perspective on vegetarian dietary patterns and risk of metabolic syndrome ( pdf, 158 KB ) (701 downloads) Popular
pdf Assessing Performance of Contemporary Plant-Based Diets against the UK Dietary Guidelines: Findings from the Feeding the Future (FEED) Study ( pdf, 2.55 MB ) (450 downloads) Popular
pdf Effects of intensive lifestyle changes on the progression of mild cognitive impairment or early dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease a randomized, controlled clinical trial ( pdf, 1.45 MB ) (180 downloads) Popular
pdf Effects of Vegetarian Diets on Aging and Longevity ( pdf, 599 KB ) (824 downloads) Popular
pdf Free Sample of the The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults ( pdf, 3.13 MB ) (2446 downloads) Popular
pdf Impact of polyphenol oxidase on the bioavailabilit ( pdf, 723 KB ) (499 downloads) Popular
pdf Iron Deficiency in Vegetarian and Omnivorous Individuals ( pdf, 1.03 MB ) (907 downloads) Popular
pdf Legume Consumption and All Cause and Cardiovascular ( pdf, 1.43 MB ) (735 downloads) Popular
pdf Most Plant-Based Milk Alternatives in the USDA Branded Food Products Database Do Not Meet Proposed Nutrient Standards or Score Well on Nutrient Density Metrics ( pdf, 1.64 MB ) (794 downloads) Popular
pdf Nutrición para bebés veganos ( pdf, 1.13 MB ) (5750 downloads) Popular
pdf Obese Vegetarians and Omnivores Show Different Metabolic ( pdf, 2.34 MB ) (747 downloads) Popular
pdf Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a population-based case–control study in six countries ( pdf, 422 KB ) (5513 downloads) Popular
pdf Role of Plant Based Milk Alternatives as a Functional Beverage: A Review ( pdf, 206 KB ) (721 downloads) Popular
pdf Role of Plant Based Milk Alternatives as a review ( pdf, 206 KB ) (786 downloads) Popular
pdf The International Vegetarian General Public FREE SAMPLE ( pdf, 4.85 MB ) (1356 downloads) Popular
pdf The relative benefits for environmental sustainability of vegan diets for dogs, cats and people ( pdf, 2.09 MB ) (153 downloads) Popular
pdf Vegan baby A guide to complementary feeding For vegans between the ages of 4 and 12 months ( pdf, 1.06 MB ) (7454 downloads) Popular
pdf Vegan versus meat based cat food Guardian reported health outcomes ( pdf, 5.63 MB ) (1036 downloads) Popular
pdf Vegan versus meat-based pet foods: Owner reported palatability behaviours and implications for canine and feline welfare ( pdf, 2.76 MB ) (161 downloads) Popular
pdf Vegetarianism in Pediatrics ( pdf, 1.88 MB ) (6386 downloads) Popular

Download the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet for Kids and Adolescents