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In the Internet community there are several electronic mailing lists for the discussion of vegetarian issues. The purpose of this list, IVU-Veg-News is to provide a mechanism for the exchange of news and information pertaining to the issues of vegetarianism and may be considered to be a public news wire.

You can use veg-news in a choice of three formats:

  • Individual emails for each report
  • The digest - one email per day with all the posts from the previous 24 hours, a daily news update

  • - both the above also allow you to contribute your own news items
  • Veg-News on the web - a read-only option


The purpose of IVU-Veg-News is to provide open channels where news and information can be exchanged freely. The IVU-Veg-News list is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of his/her opinion(s) on vegetarianism.


  • There are no restrictions on subject material other than it should be related to Vegetarianism, germane to the mailing list distributing the posting, and be in accordance with the spirit of the Internet (e.g., no commercial advertising). (DISCUSSION IS NOT ALLOWED - the list is moderated and any replies will simply be deleted)
  • Anyone posting copyrighted material to IVU-Veg-News has the responsibility to obtain the permission of the copyright holder before sending the item(s) to the list. The International Vegetarian Union will not be held liable for copyright infringement on the part of those posting to IVU-Veg-News. (In lieu of obtaining permission, the poster may consider writing a brief summary of the item and include the URL of the copyrighted item when posting.)
  • Do not crosspost your IVU-Veg-News item to other lists. Crossposting is simultaneously addressing one e-mail message to multiple e-mail lists and/or to nonsubscribers of Veg-News. Please send your post seperately to the other individuals or e-mail lists.
  • RFIs (Request For Information) should be posted with a request for "replies via private e-mail" so as to avoid replies IVU-Veg-News. Replies to the list will be deleted without forwarding.
  • Please post in ASCII (standar e-mail) text only! Embedded fonts, HTML, and other formatting may be poorly interpreted by other subscribers e-mail software programs, thus reducing the effectiveness of your post.
  • Attachments are not permitted in posts to the IVU-Veg-News list - they wil be automatically removed by the server.
  • IVU-Veg-News is an "open" list -- "lurkers" may be subscribed to the list and reading your posts. Keep this in mind.
  • As this is an international list, please, as a courtesy to subscribers of other nations, list the country of "primary interest" in the Subject area of the post in the two-letter format used for Internet Geographic Zones.


Here is a list of topics likely to be addressed in this list (as far as these topics relate to vegetarianism); it is, by far, not complete:
Nutrition, Health, Medicine, School Lunch Programs, Environment/Ecology, Vegan/Cruelty-Free Products, Factory Farming, Food Issues, Announcements/Reports, and Spiritual/Philosophical/Religious News.


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Appropriate postings to IVU-Veg-News include: posting a news item, requesting information on some event, or responding to a request for information. Discussions on Veg-News will NOT be allowed and we ask that any commentary either be taken to a discussion oriented e-mail list or to private E-mail.