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September 2008

Olympic Medalist in Judo Goes Vegan 
The film Earthlings, plus the example of family and friends, convinced Ronda Rousey, who won a bronze medal in Judo in the 70kg weight class, to go veg:

In an email on 27 Aug 08 to IVU Online News, Ronda confirmed that she has kept her promise to herself and even exceeded her expectations:

Well, when i first watched it [Earthlings] i wanted to go vegan but decided to go vegetarian first cause i didnt think i had the will power. But I've been vegan for two weeks now! I love it too, usually i put on a lot of weight and feel gross after competitions, but i feel great! I'm cooking up a rice and bean burrito as we speak!

For more on Ronda:

August 2008

More Astounding Feats by Veg Athletes
Here’s the story of another plant-fuelled athlete, Tim Van Orden. Tim dashes up the stairs of tall buildings:,,2283483,00.html

July 2008

Veg Athletes 
This article discusses vegetarian athletes, including vegans, from a wide range of sports. Unfortunately, there are all from the same country and the same sex. Perhaps, readers can correct the balance by sharing similar articles:

May 2008

How a Vegetarian Builds Muscle 
The myth persists that vegetarians are necessarily weak physically: “You can’t build muscles on carrots”. We can counter this myth by citing scientific evidence about all the protein found in various vegetarian foods or by giving examples of vegetarian athletes. But, if we ourselves look weak while we are talking about how vegetarians can be strong, the medium (our bodies) may appear to contradict the message.

Fortunately, a great deal of information exists about how vegetarians, including female vegetarians, can build muscle. One of the people providing this information is Steve Holt, who founded The Vegetarian Bodybuilder ™ and runs the website

Steve has been a vegetarian for 27 years, but he entered his first bodybuilding competition in March 2000 at the age of 46. He currently holds eight bodybuilding championship titles. In this article, Steve shares some of his ideas and experiences. A longer version of the article is available at
Just how does a vegetarian pack on additional lean body mass?

  1. Resistance Exercise (weight training)
  2. Protein

1. Resistance exercise. The body is an efficient organism, and its objective is to reach a state of balance, or stasis. It will meet the demands placed upon it, but no more. Unless those demands are increased, the organism will remain unchanged. When those demands are increased via resistance exercise, adaptation is the result. One of those adaptations is hypertrophy, or muscle tissue growth.

Protein: To build muscle, exercise is not enough; we also have to take in sufficient amounts of protein. Muscle is one way the body stores protein from our diet. The body utilizes additional protein in conjunction with the additional requirements placed on it. In other words, resistance exercise causes the body to utilize the excess protein we take in. If, however, weight training is minimal or non-existent, the excess protein will be converted to glucose for energy, and in the (very likely) event of a surplus of glucose, this excess ends up being converted to body fat. Body fat is the way the body stores excess glucose. 

For my suggestions on how much protein you can add to your diet, click here.

2. Now about weights. So where do you start? Maybe you’ve never done any of this stuff before, or perhaps it’s been so long that it seems like another life…. It doesn’t take much. You start by working on and developing proficiency in a few compound lifts. And you do this around the same time you increase your protein intake.

For a sample beginner workout, click here. To learn more about weight training for vegetarians, click here.

March 2008

Another Professional Athlete Goes Veg 

US baseball is not very popular in other countries. So, few around the world would have heard of the 23-year-old US professional baseball star with the unusual name of Prince Fielder, but a lot of people can identify with his reason for going veg:

"After reading that [a book on the horrors of meat production], (meat) just didn't sound good to me anymore. It grossed me out a little bit. It's not a diet thing or anything like that [in other words, he didn’t go veg for health reasons]. I don't miss it at all."

December 2007

Vegan Triathlon 2008
The 4th Vegan Triathlon will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand on February 24th, 2008. The triathlon is open to all vegans of all abilities. The Vegan Triathlon is a friendly event which has been designed for all fitness levels, ages and interests. Our aim is for participants to enjoy and push themselves in a safe, fun and supportive environment. It is a unique event where serious athletes participate alongside novices and everyone is a winner. Go to for more information.

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