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October 2009

Interview with a Vegetarian Leader from Argentina
Manuel Alfredo Martí is founder and leader of the Vegetarian Union of Argentina (UVA). Manuel kindly agreed to be interviewed for ‘IVU Online News’ as part of our series of interviews with leaders of vegetarian organizations.

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Meatless Mondays To Begin in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Led by IVU member society, Vegetarian Society of Brazil (SVB), one of the world’s largest cities, Sao Paulo, with 11 million inhabitants, kicks off a Meatless Mondays campaign on 3-4 October:  

The kick off to Meatless Mondays involves seminars, food demonstrations and a big event in the city’s main park, Ibirapuera. Four stations will be set up in the park, Health, Environment, Ethics and New Tastes, each one symbolized by one of the ‘toys’ of the campaign (pictured above).

SVB is launching Meatless Mondays in partnership with the Sao Paulo city government’s Green and Environment Department, along with NGOs, such as Greenpeace and Slow Food. Plus, another Brazilian city is joining the campaign, Sao Lourenço da Serra. The mayor there is vegetarian and a SVB member. Congratulations!

. . . and in Paraguay
- our friends in Paraguay - a country not generally associated with vegetarianism - planned so many activities for October that they had to start in September in order to fit them all! 

Here's their programme of activities:
Sep 19: First-time course on vegetarian nutrition in Paraguay
Sep 29: Nature outing
Oct 03: 1st General Assembly of the Paraguayan Vegetarian Union
Oct 10: Special women’s event with the participation of the Paraguayan Vegetarian Union
Oct 27/29: Film screening, vegetarian cooking classes, and discussion
Oct 31: ‘Naturalmente’ in its second edition with lectures on nutrition-related subjects, climate change, and kindness towards our fellow animals, plus a food fair and a bazaar.

For further information, contact (currently under construction) or

New Associate Member
ANDA, Brazil - Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais - - ANDA promotes transformation with information. It's the first news agency dedicated exclusively to facts and details of the animal world.

Welcome to Organisations That Have Recently Registered with IVU

ARGENTINA: ANBA (Asoc. Naturista de Bs. As. y su Centro Deportivo Merlo) -

BRAZIL : Solar D'Alcina - Pousada -

September 2009

Report from the International Vegan Festival

For those who weren’t able to attend the 12th World Vegan Festival held this past July in Brazil, here’s a report from one of the participants: . . =100032&lang=pt

Book News: Book on Veganism Published in Spanish tapalibro

A reader sent the following.

Veganism: The Practice of Justice and Equality’ was written by Ana Maria Aboglio. This path-breaking book is two hundred fifty pages long, divided into two parts, consisting of a total of sixteen chapters. Aboglio brings together theory and practice, to produce a book which appeals both to those who are already exploring the relationship between humans and our fellow animals, as well as to those who are new to the topic. ‘Veganism: The Practice of Justice and Equality’ sounds a call to reflection and change. Vegetarian activists who are fortunate enough to be able to read Spanish will want a copy of this book for themselves and to share with others.

And, A Blog in Spanish for Children on Veganism
The August, 2008 issue of ‘IVU Online News’ carried an interview with the president of the Chilean Vegetarian/Vegan Society andcreator of Homo Vegetus - Alejandro Steve Ayala Polanco: . . /alejandro.html

Recently, Alejandro has launched a new project: a Spanish-language blog for the vegan children, which includes vegan tales, vegan guides, animation and a Super Vegan Hero. Here’s the address:  ‘semillas’ is Spanish for ‘seeds’.  Alejandro hopes to have an English version soon.

Welcome to Organisations That Have Recently Registered with IVU

CHILE: Fuente Vegana -

July 2009

Welcome to Organisations That Have Recently Registered with IVU
ARGENTINA - Yoga San Isidro -
CUBA - El Romero Restaurant - . . /el_romero.htm

12th International Vegan Festival - PUC University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 22-25 Jul, 2009

The world longs for peace, respect and dignity. The Environment is being mercilessly destroyed and gives back its answer. Natural resources are being exhausted by the unsustainable exploitation imposed by a wasteful mode of life. We lose species diversity without even knowing it. Diseases, obesity, suffering and hunger abound.
After so many years of ideals of 'peace and love', 'gender and ethnic equality', ‘freedom of speech' and 'respect for nature' we still crawl on, delegating to others the task of bringing about lasting, real changes. By changing our life style we can play a vital role in the construction of the better world we all want, where the white dove of peace can rest her tired feet.

April/May 2009

Animal Protection Petition in Bolivia
IVU received the following petition.

Dear Friends, Friends of Friends and Animal Rights Defenders,

We are pushing to exceed the 5,000 signatures goal to demand a proper Animal Protection Law in Bolivia. Why is there a need for such a law? Basically, because there is none. In the name of the suffering voiceless,

You can read the petition in Spanish, Portuguese and English and sign it at

One-Minute Video on the Amazon Rainforest and Meat
Here's a 1-minute Greenpeace video making the clear connection between cattle ranching/meat eating and Amazon Rainforest destruction/global warming:

Organisations That Have Recently Registered with IVU
ARGENTINA : Gusto Superior -
CHINA and ECUADOR : Ceres Journey - veg travel in Ecuador and China -
PUERTO RICO : Encantos Ecotours -
VENEZUELA : Isabel Struve, Maracaibo -

March 2009

Welcome to Organisations That Have Recently Registered with IVU
MEXICO - Sociedad Mexicana Hogar y Salud -
PERU - Jorge Luis Sierra Reategui (veg blog) -

October 2008

New Registered Group: BRAZIL - Pousada Jardim doi Eden -

October 2008

Interview with the Chilean Veg Leader
Continuing our series of email interviews with leaders of IVU member societies, here is an interview with Alejandro Steve Ayala Polanco, president of the Chilean Vegetarian Vegan Society:

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August 2008

12th International Vegan Festival - 2009
Date: Jul 22-25, 2009
Place: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Further information from Marly Winckler -- (English, Español, Português)

[since this article appeared a link to the IVF website has been added at ]

March 2008

Save the Planet Petition from Argentina Vegetarian Union 

The Argentina Vegetarian Union - - has started a petition to the UN, entitled Save The Planet - Change Your Diet. Here is the explanation.

According to UN report, Livestock’s Long Shadow - . ./A0701E00.pdf - the meat industry is the one of the main producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation states that ranching is “the major driver of deforestation worldwide”, and overgrazing is turning a fifth of all pastures and ranges into desert. Pesticides used to grow cattle feed and antibiotics and hormones used to treat cattle get into drinking water and the food supply and endanger human health.

The Argentinean Vegetarian Union (UVA) asks the United Nations and, through this organisation, every government in the world to sensitize the world population about the importance of basing our diet on plant foods and to promote a dietary change as the main measure to diminish greenhouse gas emissions.

The UVA calls on every sensitive person interested in preserving life to sign this petition. The collected signatures will be sent to the United Nations.

Join this initiative! Save the future of our planet for future generations:

February 2008

Interview with IVU Regional Coordinator for Latin America

This interview, with Marly Winckler - - is the fourth in a series of interviews with IVU representatives in various parts of the world. To find the contact information for the representative in your part of the world, visit

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January 2008

Report from Argentina Vegetarian Union Congress
Below are excerpts from a report from our friends in Argentina.
On 10 Nov, UVA (Argentina Vegetarian Union) held the 4th Vegetarian Congress at the Interamerican Open University in Buenos Aires. This year, the slogan of the Congress was "Save the Planet, Change your Diet", and we highlighted the urgent need for taking the necessary measures to stop the climatic changes, vegetarianism being the most powerful tool in the hands of humanity for achieving that goal.
We invited several speakers, including Mrs Kaplan, representing Supreme Master Ching Hai; Mrs Assaf, who showed us the importance of a healthy diet and fasting with fruits and vegetables; Prof. Urdiales, who, next January, will lead a 10-day seminar on permaculture; Mrs Ricetti, an urban farmer, who showed us how cattle ranching affects the global climate; Lic. Grinberg, who discussed "responsible consumption"; Mr Bianco, a well known naturo-therapist, who shared with the audience about keeping in good health; and Dr Capobianco, who spoke with great sensibility on animal rights and abolitionist concepts.

We also remembered Dr Delio Esteve, who passed away last June 14.

During the Congress, various stands offered information, food, handcrafts, books, pins, T-shirts and magazines. The Congress participants were most enthusiastic and expressed their satisfaction at the end of the day.

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