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IVU Online News November 2007
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Table of Contents

  1. Dresden Update: Housing and Speakers
  2. How Italy Helped Launch an African Congress
  3. Interview with IVU Regional Coordinator for South & West Asia
  4. News from Pakistan
  5. Vegetarian Shares Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore
  6. Welcome to New IVU Member Organizations and Business Supporters
  7. French Language Film on Vegetarianism
  8. Call for Abstracts for 5th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
  9. ‘Vegan Done Light’ Free Nutrition Newsletter
  10. ‘Animals Matter’: New Book on Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Respect
  11. Should We Eat Kangaroos to Slow Global Warming?
  12. Upcoming Events
  13. Welcome to Organizations and an Individual Recently Registered with IVU
  14. Searching for Veg Activists in South Korea
  15. Please Write for IVU News

Dresden Update: Housing and Speakers

Here’s two pieces of news about the IVU World Vegetarian Congress, to be held 27 Jul – 3 Aug, 2008 in Dresden, Germany:

1. The double rooms with facilities in the Youth Hostel are fully booked. Congress organisers have found some reasonable alternatives. Check out the Congress website in another week or so for details.

2. We’re pleased to announce the one of the featured speakers, Carol J. Adams, who we thought would have to cancel, has informed Congress organisers that she will indeed be able to participate. Here’s some background on her.

Carol J. Adams- - is an author writing about feminism and vegetarianism. She teaches at the Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, Texas, and is best known for her first book ‘The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory’, and the recently released, ‘The Pornography of Meat’. After receiving her Master of Divinity from Yale University Divinity School in 1976, she and her partner started a Hotline for Battered Women in New York, housing it in their home for the first year and a half of its existence.

Carol J. Adams has published close to 100 articles in journals, books, and magazines on the issues of vegetarianism and veganism, animal advocacy, domestic violence and sexual abuse.  She is particularly interested in the interconnections among forms of violence against human and nonhuman animals, writing, for instance, about why woman batterers harm animals and the implications of this.

She is the author of several other books, including ‘Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian's Survival Handbook’. This book advises vegetarians to ask if they are at peace with their own vegetarianism and provides communication skills for avoiding abuse while dining with meat-eating friends, family, and coworkers who may be hostile. Her book, ‘The Pornography of Meat’, explores her thesis that United States culture conflates women and meat by analyzing the verbal and visual imagery of that culture.

She has been a speaker at various colleges and universities including Yale, Harvard, Trinity College (Dublin), and Princeton. Carol J. Adams practices yoga and enjoys cooking vegan meals. Recently, she has turned her attention to writing prayers for animals and for people who love and care for animals.

How Italy Helped Launch an African Congress

Some things can have unexpected results . . . Back in 2005, the Associazione Vegetariana Italiana (Italian VegSoc) organised the 20th anniversary European Vegetarian Congress. They decided to put in some money themselves so that two African delegates would be able to attend. They also persuaded Tina Fox, the chair of the IVU Council to attend.

During the Congress, Tina met Isaac Dikeocha, originally from Ghana but now living in South Africa, and she could see that he had potential as a vegetarian activist. Just over a year later, Isaac was appointed as the IVU Regional Coordinator for Africa, and he has shown us all how right Tina was in her assessment.

Another year on and the Nigeria Vegetarian Society asked IVU to help it fund the West African Veg Congress - the first ever Vegetarian Congress in Africa. By this time, Isaac had been to Nigeria and met the organisers, so he was able to assure the IVU Council that they would do a good job. Most of you will have seen the appeal for funds, which was very successful, raising all the money we asked for in just 12 days.

- and all of this because our friends in Italy had the foresight to support two Africans in attending their Congress back in 2005. Indeed some things can have unexpected results.

For the latest information about the West African Veg Congress, which is on December 8-10, see

Interview with IVU Regional Coordinator for South & West Asia
IVU has six regional coordinators (RC) around the world. Shankar Narayan serves as IVU’s RC for South and West Asia. Here’s an interview with Shankar. To find out more:

1. You are the IVU Regional Coordinator (RC) for South and West Asia. How were you involved in vegetarianism before that?

I had started a vegetarian association in 1993 and later the Indian Vegan Society in 2004. Apart from this, I believe in the power of education and therefore, had been to many schools, colleges and some public audience to propagate kindness through diet.

2. How did you learn about IVU?

I came to know of IVU when I was in the Middle East (Dubai) a decade ago, when I got access to internet. At that time, I thought that the IVU was very big and doing so much. Now, being part of the IVU, I realise that how small we (IVU) are in front of the gigantic problem we have and how much more we have to do!

3. South and West Asia contains India, the country with far and away the most vegetarians in the world. What is the state of vegetarianism in India today?

While most traditional vegetarian youth feel inferior and go away from vegetarianism with the smallest excuse, there is a small section of traditional non-vegetarians becoming vegetarians due to the awareness they are gaining about the benefits of vegetarianism. While about 70% of world vegetarians live in India (30% of India’s population), few are active in spreading vegetarianism.

4. You recently organized the International Vegan Festival in India: From what I know, most vegetarians in India are lacto vegetarians. Is it easy to find vegan food in India? Do many people know about veganism?

Veganism is a novelty, very few are aware of it here. Though most Indian vegetarian food is traditionally vegan, with the boom in milk production in the last few decades and the commercialisation of lives, at present it is very hard to find complete vegan food in India. But with some explanation and exploration, vegan food can be obtained.

5. As RC for South and West Asia, what are some of your plans for countries other than India?

First, I reach out to vegetarian minded people in other countries via email groups and motivate them to organize themselves with societies, events, etc. It is a tough job, miles to go before I sleep.

6. What are some of your plans for further promoting vegetarianism in India?

With the availability of more resources, I have plans to appoint (sub) regional representatives in various parts of India to promote vegetarianism in their respective areas. 

7. Do you do your RC work full-time, or do you have a regular job, too?

I have taken up promoting vegetarianism as a full-time job during the last 6 years, using up all my savings.  When I need some money to feed myself, I do some part time jobs (teaching, consultancy, etc.). [ to help Shankar’s work in India go to: ]

8. Please share a vegetarian joke with us.

When I was a child, I wanted to make people laugh and give them joy. Now, some of the same people laugh at me because, unlike them, I am a Gandhian and not materialistic. What a joke!  

On the lighter side, two persons - one vegetarian and the other non-vegetarian – were travelling on a train. The vegetarian was just holding the chain, the pulling of which would bring the train to halt. Seeing this, the non-vegetarian thought that the vegetarian was struggling to pull the chain but too weak to do so, because of his meatless diet. The non-veg wanted to show that he was stronger because of being meat eater. So, he pulled the chain forcefully and the train stopped! Afterwards, he was arrested for the mischief and penalised!

pakistanNews from Pakistan

Khalid Mahmood Qurashi - president of the Animal Save Movement, Pakistan, sends the following news. For photos: 

World Animal Day exists to celebrate animal life and humankind’s special relationship with the animals. In Pakistan, the Animal Save Movement celebrated World Animal Day on 4 October with a fruitful gathering at which many healthy, beautiful children, prominent lawyers, political and social workers and animal friends participated. Participants took an oath to protect the welfare of animals and birds, to not eat meat, and to continue peaceful campaigns against cruelty to animals and birds. We took an oath also that we continue to strive for day when no animal or bird will live in fear or pain.

Vegetarian Shares Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore

To highlight the worsening problem of Global Warming, this year, the Nobel Committee awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to former US vice-president, Al Gore, and the International Panel on Climate Change, headed by Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, a vegetarian:

For more on why going veg is a major way to address the climate crisis:

Welcome to New IVU Member Organisation and Business Supporter

Member Association:
Vegetarienne du Cameroun, Africa, contact Ngono Salvador,

RNSBusiness Supporter:
RNS Residency (A Top Class Vegetarian Hotel), Murudeshwar, Karnataka, India -

French Language Film on Vegetarianism

IVU received the following information about a new documentary on vegetarianism, sponsored in part by the Association Vegetarian de Montreal.

Here in Quebec (Canada), there is much to do for vegetarianism/veganism. Most people speak French, but most information comes in English. So during the last year, we did a French documentary. We interviewed different French-Canadian personalities to give health, ethical and environmental reasons for vegetarianism / veganism. Our documentary is fun, positive, and shows different initiatives related to a more plant-based diet.

We also added English subtitles! So you can have a feel of our film by looking at the preview on our website:

Call for Abstracts for 5th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for short oral and poster presentations for the 5th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, 4-6 March, 2008, Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California, USA.

Primary consideration will be given to abstracts reporting original research. Consideration will also be given to reports on education, policy, or programs of relevance to vegetarian nutrition.

For complete information and online abstract submission instructions, please visit the Congress Web site at

‘Vegan Done Light’ Free Nutrition Newsletter

To receive ‘Vegan Done Light’, a free monthly nutrition newsletter with a low-fat vegan focus, sign up at the bottom of

‘Animals Matter’: New Book on Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Respect

Marc Bekoff’s work has done much to contribute to our understanding of and respect for our fellow animals. Here’s an excerpt from the ‘Publishers Weekly’ review of his latest book: ‘Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect’. By the way, the book’s forward is by renowned primatologist and environmental educator, Jane Goodall, who will be a featured speaker at the IVU World Vegetarian Congress, 27 Jul – 3 Aug, 2008, in Dresden, Germany:

“Animal behaviorist and biologist (Marc) Bekoff follows his most recent in-depth work, The Emotional Life of Animals, with another well-written, more generalist argument for responsible behavior toward animals of all kinds.

A revised and updated edition of his 2000 Strolling with Our Kin, an introduction for young readers to ethical issues relating to the use of animals, the writing still feels aimed at younger readers, but the new elements include an excellent review of current debates regarding animal sentience, animal relocation efforts and medical school dissection and vivisection.”

To order the book:

Should We Eat Kangaroos to Slow Global Warming

Below is an article from an Australian newspaper which reports that the environmental group Greenpeace is urging people in Australia to eat kangaroos as a way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced in the industrial farming of cows and other of our fellow animals. Of course, IVU does not support eating kangaroos, but we’re glad to see more attention brought to the environmental destruction caused by factory farming. We hope that’s what Greenpeace is trying to do. For more on the link between meat and Global Warming:

Herald Sun, Karen Collier, October 10, 2007

More kangaroos should be slaughtered and eaten to help save the world from global warming, environmental activists say.

The controversial call to cut down on beef and serve more of the national symbol on our dinner plates follows a report on curbing greenhouse gas emissions damaging the planet.

Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham urged Aussies to substitute some red meat for roo to help reduce land clearing and the release of methane gas. More at:,21985,22562480-662,00.html

Upcoming Events

Note: IVU Online News is happy to run a short announcement of your local, national or international event. It’s best to include a web link so that people can visit your website to learn more about your event.

  1. World Vegan Day, 1 Nov. See for a list of events.
  2. The Asian Vegetarian Union is sponsoring the Third Asian Vegetarian Congress in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 3-7 Nov:
  3. Veg for Health Congress & Food Exhibition – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 16-17 Nov. The Malaysia Vegetarian Society will hold a Veg for Health Congress & Food Exhibition on Fri, 16 Nov and Sat, 17 Nov at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur. For more information, contact Dr. Kamalanathan Sappani, President, Malaysian Vegetarian Society,
  4. International Meatless Day Festival – Penang, Malaysia – 18 Nov - Every year, International Meatless Day is held on 25 Nov, and every year Penang, Malaysia holds a festival to mark the occasion.
  5. The Nigeria Vegetarian Society will host the first ever African Vegetarian Congress on 8-10 Dec. All the food at the Congress will be completely vegan:

Welcome to Organizations and Individuals Recently Registered with IVU

Searching for Veg Activists in South Korea

 IVU Online News editor, George Jacobs, will be in Seoul, South Korea over the weekend of 24-25 Nov, and is hoping to meet up with vegetarian activists there. IVU has lost touch with some of its contacts there. Please email George – – if you’d like to meet. Also, IVU Online News is happy to help other travellers find fellow veg activists wherever they are going.

Please Write for IVU News

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