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IVU ONLINE NEWS - September 2005


- and we're going to run out of silly headlines by next September....

The basic costs for the World Vegetarian Congress in Goa, India, September 10-16, 2006, are now online, along photos of the hotel, and lots of other background articles.

If you're thinking of coming then do join the ivu-india discussion list to swap ideas with everyone else.

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Unión Vegetariana Española (UVE)
22-23 de octubre de 2005
Fòrum Nord de la Tecnologia, BARCELONA

La cosmopolita ciudad de Barcelona será la sede del Segundo Congreso de la Unión Vegetariana Española (UVE). Se celebrará en el Edificio Fòrum Nord de la Tecnologia, un centro municipal para usos múltiples situado en la zona de Nou Barris.
Contará con la presencia de destacados activistas del movimiento vegetariano, tanto nacionales como internacionales, de reconocido prestigio. El programa incluirá talleres, conferencias y debates sobre temas relacionados con las dietas vegetarianas, la salud, los derechos de los animales y la defensa del medio ambiente.
Dispondremos de un amplio espacio destinado a mesas de expositores con material divulgativo, libros, etc., y se organizarán una serie de actos reivindicativos para captar la atención de los medios y del público en general.
Existirá un servicio con diversas opciones de comidas vegetarianas a disposición del público asistente.
Para más información, visitar la página


2nd Vegetarian Congress
promoted by the Spanish Vegetarian Union (UVE)
October 22-23, 2005
Forum Nord de la Tecnologia, BARCELONA (Spain)

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona will host the Second Vegetarian Congress promoted by the Spanish Vegetarian Union (UVE). The Congress will be held at the modern building "Forum Nord de la Tecnologia", a municipal centre for multiple uses located in the Nou Barris district of the city of Barcelona.
This meeting will host outstanding activists of the vegetarian movement, and the programme will include workshops, conferences and debates on topics related to vegetarian diets, health and holistic development, animal rights and environmental protection.
There will be a wide area for exhibitors with educational materials, books, etc., and coincidentally there will be some public demonstrations to call attention from media and people.
Lectures will be mainly in Spanish, but additional workshops in English can be scheduled if a group of foreign attendants signs up.
Vegetarian/vegan food will be available for the public, with several options.
For more details, please visit



The Vegan Society (UK), in collaboration with HealthPlus, has produced a new food supplement, "VEG 1", designed specifically to meet the recommendations of Stephen Walsh's book, Plant Based Nutrition and Health.

It includes vitamin B12 to avoid risk of elevated homocysteine. Folic acid,vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 are also included to reinforce the homocysteine lowering effect.

It contains iodine and selenium to compensate for the variable and often low amounts of these minerals in plant foods - amounts in plants depend very much on the concentrations in the soil.

It also includes vitamin D to compensate for low sun exposure - fairly universal during Winter for people living at latitudes above 45 degrees.

All in all, it is designed to complement a healthy plant-based diet.

The supplement can be purchased from for just 4.99 pounds sterling

for 90 tablets - three months supply for an adult or teenager or six months supply for a child.

more details both the book and the supplement at



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