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IVU ONLINE NEWS - August 2005


IX European Vegetarian Congress
1/7 october 2005 Riccione, Italy

The 9th European Vegetarian Congress is organized under the auspices of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU).

The congress will once again be organized and coordinated by the Italian Vegetarian Association, as were the European vegetarian congresses in Cervia (1985) and Bussolengo (1997).

During the congress themes will be discussed, which are not only of national interest but are most of all of interest on a European scale, and which demonstrate vegetarianism's ability to help create a better world in which to live.

The following arguments will be addressed during the congress;
> Vegetarianism and World hunger
> Vegetarianism and animal rights: two sides of the same coin ?
> Vegetarianism , sport & health
> Non violence: one of the roots of vegetarianism
> Vegetarianism , economy & sustainability for a new world
> Talking vegetarian: spreading the word about vegetarianism worldwide
The congress will be simultaneously translated in English; translation in other languages will require a minimum of 30.

The 9th European Vegetarian Congress will be held in Riccione, at the prestigious location of the international congress centre in Le Conchiglie Hotel. Riccione is today one of the largest and best known entertainment centres on the Romagnola Riviera. A worldly, youthful and lively spot considered the ¨green pearl¨ of the Adriatic. Riccione and Ceccarini Avenue, one of the most fashionable of the Riviera with the most exclusive shops, boutiques and lively cafés can make for a unique vacation in any season. The international congress center "Hotel Le Conchiglie" is situated on the coast between Rimini and Riccione and is easily accessible by plane, train or by car.

Secretariat of 9th European Vegetarian Congress:
AVI - Associazione Vegetariana Italiana
Viale Brianza 20 - I - 20127 Milano (Italy)
tel. +39.02.45471720
fax +39.02.45471721
cell phone: Sophia Somaschi +39.347.3171702 (evenings only)




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