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The Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA) is the North American regional liaison of IVU representing a network of vegetarian groups throughout the US and Canada. VUNA completed its election process for members of its Board of Directors (also called the VUNA Council). The following individuals will form the incoming VUNA Council as of 1 June 2005:

Dilip Barman (North Carolina); Gerry Coffey (Alabama); Saurabh Dalal (Maryland); Madge Darneille (Maryland) ; Doug Graham* (Florida) ; Ruth Heidrich (Hawaii) ; Peter McQueen (Ontario) ; Bradley Saul* (California) ; Kay Sheehan (Colorado)
(* 1st time elected to the VUNA Council)

Sincere THANKS are given to the following outgoing members of the VUNA Council:
Dennis Bayomi, Kevin Pickard, Kishor Pokharna, and Paul Turner

The Mission of VUNA is "to promote a strong, effective, cooperative vegetarian movement throughout North America." Membership in VUNA is free to all IVU members and individual IVU supporters in North America.

See for more information.

The Goals of VUNA are:
- To support the formation and development of organizations promoting vegetarianism in North America.
- To promote cooperation and represent all diverse segments of the vegetarian community.
- To promote effective and responsible communication and presentation of issues related to vegetarianism on local, regional and international levels.
- To develop and support vegetarian lifestyles of individuals, families and communities.

VUNA welcomes additional candidates to fill the remaining four slots on the VUNA Council. Ideal candidates have strong experience in working with vegetarian groups or organizing vegetarian events, running a non-profit organization, and have more than a local interest in promoting the vegetarian movement. Particularly sought skills are newsletter coordination, finance/bookkeeping, and website design/update.

Council meetings are conducted by teleconference and occasionally at vegetarian conferences when a quorum of councilors is present.

Access to e-mail is important as many discussions take place via a Council e-mail list. At a minimum, nominees must be vegetarian (according to VUNA's definition) and individual members of IVU/VUNA residing in either Canada or the United States of America.

Candidates from member organizations are welcome to submit their candidacies for Council consideration.

The more diversity in background, culture, and expertise available, the better able VUNA will be to accomplish its goals. Please email or call 202-362-VEGY #3



- from Jashu Shah, Secretary, Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life), Mumbai.

Dear Friend,

Every alternate year the IVU World Vegetarian Congress is being held. The 36th Congress was held in Brazil (Florianopolis). Our Society has been given the privilege of organising the 37th Congress. We have decided about the venue being Goa. The dates are between 10th & 16th September, 2006.

There will be a inauguration day i.e. 10th September and closing ceremony on the last day i.e. 16th September, 2006. All this involves great expenses and requires manpower support in all respects i.e. physically, mentally and financially.

You can support the Congress in any of the following manners:

(a) Be a delegate at the IVU World Vegetarian Congress in September 2006
(b) You can sponsor a delegate from your organization or your friend to the 37th Congress on payment of 21,000 rupees as donation.
(c) Be a member of the Reception Committee by paying 15,000 rupees to The Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life) as a donation.
(d) Be an active member of The Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life) and extend your hand for the work.
(e) Give sponsorship/advertisement for the souvenir of the Congress
(f) Give sponsorship for the Exhibition on Vegetarianism to be staged at Congress.
(g) Have a stall at the Congress on payment of 27,000 rupees.
(h) Give away complimentary gifts to the delegates at the Congress.

We look forward to your support. Thanking you.

Office: 114-A Mittal Court, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India
Phone: 2285 5755/56 Fax: 2283 5040
Congress website:

(note: 10,000 rupees = approx. US$230 / 125 UK pounds / 185 euros)

Donations to the Society are exempted under section 80-G (India)



July 5-29, 2005: 20 Day Vegan Culinary Arts Program, Portland, Oregon. The Institute for Culinary Awakening is offering a 100 hour program focusing on the preparation and presentation of organic, plant-based cuisine. Please visit for more information.

Thank you, Chef Al & Donna
Institute for Culinary Awakening... where healthy meets gourmet!
541.686.8443 Portland, Oregon



The VegE-News is a free monthly e-newsletter featuring current events from a vegetarian perspective, including health, environment and animal news. Produced by two long-time vegans, this new publication makes it easy to stay
updated on vegetarian and vegan issues. On request, the VegE-News will personalise the newsletter at no charge for vegetarian associations to distribute to members, with their name, logo and local events. View the current issue and subscribe at



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VHE - Vegetarian Home Exchange - - A service enabling vegetarians to exchange homes for holidays at no cost with no meat or fish prepared in their kitchens whilst away.

Grupo Editorial El Vegetariano, Argentina - - Vegetarian and Vegan specialized magazine

Meatout - - Promotes plant-based eating through a thousand grassroots events on March 20 and a free weekly e-newsletter. 800-MEATOUT

World Farm Animals Day - - Sponsors hundreds of events on October 2 to memorialize the agony and death of billions of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. 888-FARM USA

Sabina Fund - Makes small annual grants to grassroots vegetarian groups, primarily in developing countries. See website for guidelines.

Farm Animal Archive - - Provides retrievable database of articles on the benefits of vegetarianism and abuse of farmed animals - - gif An online auction for the vegetarian/green community. Completely free, no fees. Storefronts available.

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Planet International, Uganda - Promote Helthcarewithout harm, Promote organic farming, and Humane education; promote better nutrition to children and women.etc...

Vitalconnection - Brisbane Soup Kitchen - - We provide a three course vegetarian meal mondays 7p.m. Emma Miller Park

Esk Seventh Day Adventist Church - Christian vegetarian Church preaching the gospel and return of Jesus Christ. Near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

CVAUK Resource Website - - Christian Vegetarian Association UK Resource Site. Free downloads to impact your church.

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Healing Heart Foundation - - We educate the public and physicians on preventing and reversing coronary artery (heart) disease through lifestyle - including a vegan, low fat diet.

Life Proyect - Puerto Rico



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