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IVU ONLINE NEWS - April 2005


The Asian Vegetarian Union will be holding their 2nd Congress in Bangkok, Thailand from 20-24 December 2005.

No further details available at present but a planning meeting has just been held so there should be more next month - meanwhile put the dates in your diary!

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- 1/7 october 2005 Riccione, Italy - Vegetarians do it better!

The 9th European Vegetarian Congress is organized under the auspices of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU). The congress will once again be organized and coordinated by the Italian Vegetarian Association, as were the European vegetarian congresses in Cervia (1985) and Bussoleng (1997).

During the congress themes will be discussed, which are not only of national interest but are most of all of

interest on a European scale, and which demonstrate vegetarianism's ability to help create a better world in which to live.

The following arguments will be addressed during the congress;
> Vegetarianism and World hunger
> Vegetarianism and animal rights: two sides of the same coin ?
> Vegetarianism , sport & health
> Non violence: one of the roots of vegetarianism
> Vegetarianism , economy & sustainability for a new world
> Talking vegetarian: spreading the word about vegetarianism worldwide
The congress will be simultaneously translated in English; translation in other languages will require a minimum of 30.

The 9th European Vegetarian Congress will be held in Riccione, at the prestigious location of the international congress centre in Le Conchiglie Hotel. Riccione is today one of the largest and best known entertainment centres on the Romagnola Riviera. A worldly, youthful and lively spot considered the ¨green pearl ¨ of the Adriatic. Riccione and Ceccarini Avenue, one of the most fashionable of the Riviera with the most exclusive shops, boutiques and lively cafés can make for a unique vacation in any season. The international congress center "Hotel Le Conchiglie" is situated on the coast between Rimini and Riccione and is easily accessible by plane, train or by car.

Secretariat of 9th European Vegetarian Congress:
AVI - Associazione Vegetariana Italiana
Viale Brianza 20 - I - 20127 Milano (Italy)
tel. +39.02.45471720 / fax +39.02.45471721
cell phone: Sophia Somaschi +39.347.3171702 (evenings only)
email: / email:




Many of our readers will already have heard of the recent sudden death of Maxwell Lee, and many will have known him personally.

Maxwell became the IVU General Secretary in 1979 and remained in the post for 17 years. He was elected Deputy President in 1996 then in 1999 he was elected President and then became the first Chairman under the new constitution. A few comments from those who worked with him all around the world:

"We first met Maxwell in 1982 at the World Vegetarian Congress in Ulm, Germany. At that time we were at the beginning of our activities for organised vegetarianism and we must confess, we then did not yet perceive Maxwell's importance for the vegetarian movement.

Our next meeting was at Brussels in 1985 when he chaired he conference for the foundation of the EVU, giving it a memorandum of association. He then was elected the first president of EVU (officially documented in 1988, when the EVU was registered as an association). He remained President until 1991 when Hildi succeeded him in the office during the EVU congress in Chester, England. From 1985 onward we met regularly at congresses, AGMs, and meetings for more than 15 years.

Although we had differences of opinion about many topics, we are convinced that Maxwell was an outstanding personality in the vegetarian movement, in his country, in Europe, and in the world. He was an excellent ambassador wherever he went, a talented speaker with persuasive power and personal charm. He has given valuable impulses and he has left his mark on a whole generation of vegetarians. His death left a great void." - Hildegund Scholvien, Germany

"I met Maxwell only once, at the Thailand Congress. During this brief, personal interaction I had found Maxwell together with his wife to be a very pleasant person, deeply committed to the cause of IVU. Maxwell had provided us a very strong support when the Vegetarian Society of Botswana was formed in 1995, and it is from his support through IVU and VSUK, that we were able to grow into a successful Society." - PK Jain, Botswana, Africa

"The vegetarian movement has lost a strong voice hampioning for the cause of the animals, humans and our planet. This is a very sad loss indeed." - Kevin Pickard, Canada

"We, the members of the Maltese Vegetarian Society are very sad to hear this news. We knew that Maxwell worked for a long time for IVU and he will be missed very much. Some of our members like Margaret and Katherine have had the opportunity to meet hime and I am sure they will be even more grieved by the loss of a member of the family of vegetarians." - John Darmanin for the Vegetarian society of Malta.

"My first contact with IVU was answered by Maxwell. It was in 1992 I think. He wrote a long letter - by post - with reassuring words. I went to my first World Vegetarian Congress in 1994, in The Hague - Holland. Then I went to San Diego, in 1995, and Scotland, in 2002. He was always there. I regret he had to cancel his participation at 36th WVC in Brazil. He was a paladin of vegetarianism and we will miss him." - Marly Winckler, President of the Brazil Vegetarian Society

"It seems hard to remember now that back in 1995 most people knew nothing of the internet, and very few realised the impact it would have within the next few years. I had occasion to phone Maxwell Lee seeking some funding from IVU for an internet project but, as he was a generation older than myself, as I expected to have to explain everything from scratch. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that he had recently gone online himself - and could already see that the internet was about to transform IVU. It was Maxwell who first suggested an IVU website and asked me if I would set it up - and and I have been together ever since. Many people at that time were dismissing the internet as just a passing fad of no great significance - without Maxwell's vision IVU would not have had the head start that it did, and I would not have been involved in with IVU in the way that I have. I will always be grateful for that." - John Davis, IVU webmaster



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