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IVU ONLINE NEWS - November 2004


This time next week more than 400 vegetarians, from 34 different countries around the world, will be converging on a place that most of us had never heard of until recently: Florianopolis in the south of Brazil.

The following countries will be represented: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Syria, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Uruguay (Israel, Iran and Syria all together - vegetarians can show a better way!)

IVU has been co-ordinating World Vegetarian Congresses for almost 100 years, every 2 or 3 years (apart from war years) since the first one in Dresden, Germany in 1908 (centenary coming soon!) - but the 36th WVC is the first ever to be held in Latin America, indeed it's the first ever in the Southern Hemisphere.

This remarkable achievement is due to the vision of Marly Winckler, IVU Regional Co-ordinator for Latin America, President of the Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira (Brazil VegSoc), and the chief Congress organiser (see: For several years Marly has been running an email discussion list for Latin America (in a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese), setting up websites, and bringing people together throughout the region. The ultimate result of this is 12 Latin American countries being represented at this Congress, despite the economic difficulties they all have to cope with.

During the Congress there will be a meeting to extablish a Regional Organisation for Latin America - UVL (Union Vegetariana Latina, or LatinAmerica as you wish). IVU has been delighted to assist in this process by using its limited funds to offer free membership to many Vegetarian Societies in the region, giving financial support to kickstart the Brazil VegSoc, giving grants for free Congress places to a few volunteer leaders of Latin American groups, and providing a guarantee against the financial risk of organising this Congress (it looks like that risk has paid off, but the guarantee was essential as the Brazilian Society coud not have taken that risk on their own).

All of this is only possible because IVU has many Members and Supporters in the wealthier developed countries, particularly in Europe and North America. If you would like to help in this work please consider joining or supporting IVU yourself, as an individual or as a group - see for full details.

If you are unable to join us in Brazil next week then do visit the Congress website soon after November 21 and we should have reports, texts of talks and photos appearing in large numbers.

This is also the first WVC where it has been possible to pay the registration fees online by credit card, via the IVU website - that sounds simple with online trading being so routine these days, but it has proven to be surprisingly difficult for an international (and multi-currency/multi-lingual) event working on a modest budget. We're pleased with this progress and hope to improve the facilities even further before we head for India in 2006.


SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA NEWS [and ideas for other groups!]
- from Bay Area Vegetarians (IVU Internet Partner)

It's that time again to vote for the Best of Bay Area Vegetarian Living. This is the 2nd year that Bay Area Vegetarians ( is sponsoring this annual survey for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Voting in 'BEST OF VEG 2004' began on World Vegetarian Day, October 1st and runs through December 31st. With thanks to the following local & veg-owned businesses, we will again have prize giveaways to random voters: Body Technician, VegNews Magazine, and Sun Flour Baking.

Vote today!


Bay Area Vegetarians has introduced a new Mentor Program aimed at helping people transition from meat eating to a plant-based diet. The program is tailored for those who would like to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but don't know exactly how to go about doing so. BAV connects these individuals with a network of other aspiring vegetarians/vegans for support, as well as a core group of experienced vegans who act as mentors, offering advice and encouragement. The mentors chosen for the program draw on their own experience to recognize that most people make the change to a plant-based diet gradually, and empower program enrollees to determine their own pace as they travel along the path toward veganism.

Anyone who wishes to become vegetarian or vegan can sign up for the program for free at


Folks who are new to the San Francisco Bay Area or just visiting for a few days will want to check out "The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the San Francisco Bay Area". This database provides the most comprehensive listing of vegetarian foods and services in the SF Bay Area.

Not only can you search based on already-defined categories like restaurants, farmers market, or city, keywords like "pizza" or "Millennium" can also be used. And, as a big plus for both travellers or locals, you can create and print your own custom guide.

Launched in mid-May, the Ultimate Guide (or 'UG' as its affectionately nicknamed) has over 275 business entries and over 350 customer reviews. This resource is provided by Bay Area Vegetarians. This guide was inspired by a small pocket guide book called "Vegetarian London" that the co-founders of BAV used as tourists.

[Vegetarian London is published by IVU Supporter Vegetarian Guides, see -ed]

Check out The Ultimate Guide here -



The first Spanish Vegetarian Congress organised by the Spanish Vegetarian Union (UVE) [IVU Member Society] during a long weekend (9-12th October 2004) in Calpe, Alicante, attracted over one hundred participants and set a timely encouraging precedent for future vegetarian gatherings.

full story: (in English)


The Argentina Vegetarian Union (UVA) [IVU Member Society] organized their First National Vegetarian Congress, held on October 2nd, 2004, in Buenos Aires. see: which may have some reports soon. (in Spanish)



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FYI, that is above Vegetarian Haven Restaurant in downtown Toronto. Closest subway is St. Patrick Station on the University-Spadina Line. For more details see our website.

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Friends Vegeterian Society (Nigeria)

VEGWAY - New Delhi, India

Veg Grassroots Society - Philippines

Calgary Vegetarian Society, Canada - - The Calgary Vegetarian Society was formed in November 1993 to serve the people of Calgary and surrounding area.

The Red Herring, Urbana, IL, USA - The Red Herring (217) 367- 2340. hearty delicious vegan food and spirit five days a week.

Vegetarian Solutions, based in GA, USA - - Vegetarian Solutions is a non-profit organization showing people how what they eat impacts their health, the animals and the environment.

We_R_Meat_Free, based in NY, USA - - email discussion group dedicated to meat-free people.

Veganic Earth, WA, USA - Encouraging veganic methods of growing our food - educating farmers and consumers



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