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Sabina Fund Grants
from IVU News Oct 2000

Last month, FARM's Sabina Fund awarded grants to 11 U.S. and 8 overseas grassroots groups for promoting plant-based eating and exposing the destructive impacts of animal agriculture. The amounts ranged from $500 to $1,500 and totaled $13,000.

The U.S. groups were Animal Protection of New Mexico, Compassion Over Killing (DC), Compassionate Action for Animals (MN), Defending Farm Animals (MN), EarthSave-Louisville (KY), Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church (AL), Humane PAC (IL), Towards Freedom (CA), Vegetarian Events (FL), Vegetarian Society of DC, and Voices for Animals (VA).

The non-US groups were Animal Voices (South Africa), Anonymous for Animals (Israel), Armenian Vegetarian Society (Armenia), Ethical Vegetarian Alternative (Belgium), Oikeutta Elaimille (Finland), Progetto Vivere Vegan (Italy), Societa Vegetariana (Italy), and Spolecnost Pro Zvirata (Czech Republic).

The next application deadline is November 15 [2000]. Application guidelines can be found at: