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Members' Corner
from IVU News Oct 2000

by Tina Fox

Well, I've either been very good or very naughty because Paul has asked me to write a members' page for each issue from now. So first of all I am asking for all your help - neither Paul or I can write about your news unless you give it to us! Please do let either of us know what you have been doing for the next issue.

Since the last magazine issued in March, IVU has had quite a lot of new members and I would like to welcome you all, groups, individuals and business supporters. Those who join by cheque direct to me already get a little welcome but those who join by credit card via the secure server get an automated response and no welcoming words from me so here is my chance to say thank you to all of you for your support for IVU. I would particularly like to welcome the new members of the Asian Vegetarian Union - a whole new entity and one we wish much success to, together with the Armenian Vegetarian Society, the Korean Veggie Society for Earth and the Mongolian Milk Dish Users - all societies operating in areas traditionally pretty unfriendly to vegetarianism, so good luck with all your efforts. For the first time in a number of years we also have a new society member in Africa, the Bhakti Yoga and Vegetarian Society. A warm welcome to them.

Finally I have started to take over looking after records for members in North America who were previously under the auspices of VUNA. It makes more economic sense for both organizations to do this, so hello to all my friends across the pond. I was fortunate enough to meet some of you at Toronto and I hope I will see you again in Edinburgh in 2002.

I am very keen to develop a "twinning" project whereby those societies who have been going for some time and have some experience can "adopt" a newer society that may need a bit of support. No one is expecting finance - the support can take the form of friendly emails, maybe phone calls or letters and definitely samples of your materials as we all learn so much from this avenue. To get the ball rolling, the Vegetarian Society of the UK has "adopted" the Armenian Vegetarian Society and I am in fairly regular contact with them by email and have sent copies of our materials and subscribed them for our magazine. I appreciate that VSUK is in a fortunate position but many IVU members have been established for some years and could help those new to the path. If any members are interested in twinning, either to adopt or be adopted, please can you contact me and I will try to put you together either by email or a feature in the next magazine. Sometimes only a little support can be the difference between success and struggle, so lets try to make it easier for our friends in the movement. Also IVU is able to offer a limited few free 12 months membership for struggling groups so if you know of any, let your regional coordi-nator know and they can make a recommendation to me.

Well, that's all I have time for except to wish you all much success in your work to promote vegetarianism,

Best Wishes, Tina Fox

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