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8th EVU Congress
from IVU News 2000

Istanbul 29th Sept - 5th Oct. 2001
by Sigrid De Leo, EVU Secretary

A lot of people have asked already for information about the 8th EVU Congress and I am really glad that finally I can communicate the following. Please reserve the date already and make sure that you won't miss a congress which certainly will be a very memorable one!

The Organizer:
As decided in occasion of the 7th EVU Congress at the AGM in Widnau. Switzerland, the 8th European Vegetarian Congress will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Victor Ananias, a popular Turkish promoter of natural living, had offered to organize the event. Victor is a member of the EVU with his society Bugday which was created to promote an ecological, healthy vegetarian living. His wife, Oya, a former TV journalist is now the editor of 'Bugday' magazine. Together with their 5 months old baby Ali they live in Bodrum, in beautiful southern Turkey. Victor will be assisted by two professional meeting organizers:
Bora Sari, from Orchestrals and Mustafa Kartopu from Magister Tours who will guarantee for a successful organization.

The Venue:
Istanbul, where for thousands of years people had met to transact business or to decide the fate of nations, is an exotic city with 15 million inhabitants. Capital of the Eastern Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires Istanbul has always been a vital artery linking East and West. Here Eastern traders laid exotic wares before the mer-chants of the West. They created a city, rich in history, monuments and architec-ture, that today is a destination of choice among sophisticated travellers. Istanbul guarantees visitors an unforgettable experience with breathtaking historical attractions, an unlimited choice of all kinds of vegetarian food and a hospitable population. On the Bosphorus, a swift flowing waterway which divides Europe from Asia and which runs through the city, cruises can be booked.

Travel in formation:
Istanbul is easy to reach from all around the world. It's 3 hours from Europe and 11 hours from the East coast of north America. Almost all major international airlines serve Istanbul and Turkish Airlines offers direct flights from 66 international cities.

Congress Center:
The EVU Congress will take place at the hotel Crowne Plaza, a first class hotel very close to the airport and the old city, a unique spot in a 10 acre ex-otic garden with recreation facilities, 298 air conditioned rooms and suites, all offering views of the sea of Marmara. The hotel offers health and fitness facilities like a fully equipped fitness centre with sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, health bar and massage rooms. The Galleria and the Carousel shopping mall is within easy walking distance. The food will be of delicious vegetarianlvegan meals prepared by specialists.

The Program:
All subjects of a vegetarian lifestyle will be covered by international and national experts. Speakers are invited to present their abstracts to the organizing committee before the end of April 2001. It was decided to leave enough time for the participants to enjoy the company of like minded people and to discover the wonderful and unique city of Istanbul.

Language: The official language of the EVU is English; therefore, the meeting is held in English. Simultaneous translations in German and other languages are planned provided enough participants register.

There will be the possibility to show informational material as well as any other related wares.

One day will be reserved for excur-sions. A great variety of sightseeing tours like to the Blue Mosque. St. Sophia, the Bosphorus Cruise and Spice Bazaar to name only a few. It will be possible to book for a complementary holiday week.

Congress Fee:
The exact costs will be published as soon as possible. The fees will be similar to the ones paid in Widnau.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel offers 5 star as well as 4 star rooms at a reasonable price. There will also be several cheaper options nearby.

More information about registration will be available soon!
We are looking forward to meeting you all in Istanbul!
Contact Sigrid Dc Leo:

[ NOTE: this Congress was later cancelled, party due to the events of September 11, 2001, in New York]