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Seminar for physicians, other health professionals and interested non-professionals

from EVU News, Issue 3 /1997

Lifestyle Solution to Western Diseases
(Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Coronary Artery Disease)
Professionals will share their long-standing experiences with you..
November 28-30, 1997, Swiss Holiday Park, 6443 Morschach (Switzerland)

During recent years basic scientific findings and new approaches in clinical settings have brought astonishing new aspects in the area of prevention and treatment of Western diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. Medical Doctors and experts in the field of nutrition from the USA, who have already put these new findings into practice in their daily clinical routine, will lecture in this seminar on the scientific foundations and their experiences with their patients. You will find the results incredible!

During this three-day seminar you will have the opportunity to learn about their scientific findings, discuss questions with the speakers and meet them personally.

Apart from that a whole day has been reserved for practical demonstrations. You will learn a new way of cooking and have the chance to try and taste delicious food.


  • The Killer comes for Dinner, Gabriele R. Pietruska, MD
  • Effective Control of Hyperlipidemia, Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
  • Is Diabetes Really Reversible? Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
  • Hypertension: The ‘K’ Factor, Dr. Ralph Peterson
  • Coronary Artery Disease: Hidden Risk Factors, Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: From Theory to Practice, Panel of speakers
  • Cooking demonstration, Joy Peterson

photo: park
The Swiss Holiday Park

The Congress Centre is the new SWISS HOLIDAY PARK, a recreation centre in Morschach, in the centre of Switzerland, situated in the middle of a gorgeous landscape on a sunny terrace high above Lake of Lucerne with an all round fantastic view into the breath-taking world of mountains. First class conference facilities and more than 20 forms of sporting activities for the recreation time are offered.


The SWISS HOLIDAY PARK offers different rooms according to the type of accomodation choosen.


  • BestLife Lifestyle Medicine Institute (Germany)
  • Dimensions in Food and Nutricion, Inc. (Switzerland)
  • Vegetarian Institute for Nutrition & Culinary Arts, Inc. (USA)
FEES for the 3-day-seminar are CHF 400,– for one individual, CHF 600,– for a couple. Students pay CHF 360,– Fees for one day are CHF 135,–


For more information call in Switzerland: Engelbert Lügenbühl (German) +41 828 2333, Joyce Hofer (English) +41 820 3340, – in Germany: Gabriele R. Pietruska (English or German) +49 4501 1327

The Language of the seminar will be German. All English lectures will be translated into German.