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from EVU News, Issue 3 /1997 -- Italiano

Dog found Master after War

Belgrade After two years and 500 kilometres the Yugoslavian sheep dog ‘Putin’ has found his owner again .According to an article in ‘Blic’ a newspaper from Belgrade the Bosnian Serb Milorad Cegara had left his dog behind when he fled from the Croatian troops in August 1995 from his village near Glamoc in the Southwest of Bosnia. Last Sunday the faithful four-legged friend was suddenly standing in front of the apartment house, completely emaciated and exhausted.

Translated from St. Galler Tagblatt,31.7.1997,SDL

Help needed

Help needed to save 170 dogs from euthanasia. The Saint-Roche Shelter Association, created in 1984, under Father Pestre, desperately needs money to build a new shelter, (due to forced closure of the old one) for all the maltreated and abandoned dogs of Marseille. All donations -even small – will be used entirely for the new shelter as all members are voluntary workers.

Contact: Père Pestre, 5, Place Granet, 13013 Marseille-France, Fax: +33 04 91 063674

McDonald guilty of animal cruelty

After 313 days of the longest trial in English legal history, vegetarian campaigners Helen Steel and Dave Morris have been told that they owe the multi-national company McDonald £60’000 in libel damages.

Though the two campaigners lost their libel case, a case which they defended themselves and which they claim was unfair as they were denied the right to either a legal aid or a trial by jury, Steel and Morris have succeeded in getting a court ruling that the fast-food chain exploits children through its advertising, that it pays low wages to British workers and is cruel to animals, particularly chicken and sows.

The judge, Mr. Justice Bell, found that the claims of the leaflet about cruelty to animals, headed McTorture, were ‘true in substance and in fact’.

From The Vegetarian, Summer 1997

5000 new veggies – every week

A new survey of more than 4000 people by the Realeat vegetarian foods company, conducted by Gallup, has shown a record rise in vegetarianism in the UK. As well as showing an increase of 5000 people a week turning to vegetarians, the poll puts the number of vegetarians in the UK at more than 3 million, compared to just 100’000 veggies in 1945!

From The Vegetarian, Summer 1997

Vegetarian food market grows from strength to strength

According to researchers, Taylor Nelson AGB, the market for vegetarian frozen foods was worth £126 million in 1996 – an increase of 32 per cent on the figures for 1995. Statistics from vegetarian foods companies backed the data, with the veggie sausage and burger manufacturer Tivall reporting yearly growth in sales of between 47 and 69 per cent.

From The Vegetarian, Summer 1997

Teheran: Mother cow saves her calf from the slaughterhouse

A cow showing highly developed maternal instinct, saved her calf by breaking down the door of a slaughterhouse where the little creature was about to be killed. The cow managed to break through the heavy slaughterhouse door by using its horns while the butchers looked on terrified.

From the Rome newspaper Il Messagero 23.7.97

McVeggie in Austria

By popular request McDonald offers in Austria the long desired Veggie Burger since June 1997. The Veggie Burger is a speciality based on vegetables and cereals therefore a completely vegan product.

A witness reports

In Loma Linda California, animals have suffered cruelty in an Adventist laboratory of the White Memorial Hospital during the eighties. A witness wrote the following report.

Loma Linda. Gaining entrance to the rooms of the animal experiments is difficult. I would have needed a special written authorisation, which I would never have got without being a person of some standing in the community. The black warden who finally let me in on that Sabbath afternoon needed a little convincing. He went as far as to let me see not only the many cells of mice, rats, rabbits and guineapigs but also some cells with sheep, dogs and monkeys.

The cages and experiment-rooms of the institute are located in the cellar. Once the animals arrive down here they will never see the sun again. Those are the darkest rooms of disgrace of animal martyrdom of a religious group. A lamb was lying helpless on its belly. It looked as if it was dying. I asked the warden how long this lamb had already been suffering. ‘Not for long’ was his answer, ‘it just arrived from the operating room.’ It was a Sabbath! Then we went into the monkeys cell. At the sight of the dangerous human being the animals pressed their faces against the back wall. By doing so they did not make the slightest sound. The terribly starving great ape in his separate cage was scared to death. I wondered about the conditions of the vocal cords of these animals! The dog cage: a dog which also did not make any sound tried in vain to stand on its legs. He looked like a pile of flesh torn to pieces in which you could hardly distinguish its original form.

The warden knew that this dog would be taken again the next day by his tormentors for further experiments on his living body.

When I visited on that Sabbath the animals in the cellar of our Adventist Experiment Institution and saw their terrible pains, I heard from the chapel above the songs of Zion.

What hypocrisy!

E. Laufensweiler
Translated from ‘Vegetarisch fit!’, Sept. 97 (SDL)

Fast food chains targeted by animal activists

The world's four largest fast food chains have been targeted by farm animal activists for world-wide demonstrations on October 2.

The activists will demand that the chains provide a choice of meatless entrees on their menus and require suppliers to raise animals humanely.

McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Kentucky Fried Chicken were selected because their menus determine what millions of people eat each day, and because their massive purchasing power dictates how their suppliers treat their animals.

The occasion is the 15th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day, devoted to memorializing and exposing the needless suffering and death of billions of innocent, sentient animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. The date honors the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the world's foremost champion of humane farming.

To become involved, contact FARM at 888-FARM-USA or PO Box 30654, Bethesda, MD 20824, for a free WFAD Action Kit.

World Farm Animals Day Observance, email: