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Issue 3 - Numero 3 - Ausgabe 3 - Número 3 - Numéro 3 / 1997

At the Age of 78: Arne Wingquist cycles 1410 km eating only Raw Food.

image: Sigrid Editorial from
the Secretary

Students from all parts of the world write to me asking for information about vegetarianism for their theses. I try to help sending the information requested and indicating appropriate literature. Usually I ask the students to let me have a copy of their work when finished. I want to thank Alexandra Brichacek from Oakland, USA who sent me a copy of her slightly shortened work about ‘Anthropomorphism and the New Paradigm’. I think it is very interesting and you can read it here.

As announced in the last EVU News a little group cycled through Sweden for 19 days, eating only raw plant-food. A lot of people would have liked to take part but for several reasons did not. Arne Wingquist and I have written down our experiences for all those who are interested in a challenge like this.

‘Health is not everything but without health everything is nothing!’ says a German proverb. Dr. Hans Diehl, well known to the readers who attended the World Congress in the Hague in 1994, writes about how most health problems can be resolved eating a plant based diet ‘as grown’. The first part talks about hypertension, diabetes and obesity. His article will be continued in the next issue of the EVU News. For all those people that have ‘struggled without much success’ to loose some weight, (as was written in a letter to the editor in the last IVU News), Dr. Diehl has the magic formula: Eat more food but of the right kind! It works as I could even notice in the case of children.

I am sure there is still a place for you if you should decide in the last minute to register for the European Vegetarian Congress in Bussolengo, Italy.

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Best wishes from Switzerland

Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU