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Did Tyrannosaurus Rex suffer from gout?

Español - Français - from EVU News, Issue 2 /1997 - Româna

Besides an insatiable hunger, gout could have been the reason for the restlessness and the aggressive behaviour of Tyrannosaurus Rex according to US scientists.

In the bones of the arms and the legs of the giant reptile there would be signs of gout, wrote Bruce Rothschild from the Centre of Arthritis in Youngstown (Ohio, USA) in the latest edition of the specialist journal ‘Nature’. Gout is a disease of the metabolism where crystals are deposited on bones and form ganglions. As a result there are painful joints and restless behaviour.

The consumption of raw meat is said to be especially conducive to gout. On the menu of the dinosaur meat was in the first place.

Out of two of the total of 84 skeletons examined the scientists together with a team of experts found typical traces of gout. ‘If you think of the agony of people who suffer from gout and transfer their bad mood to the large prehistoric reptile, it must have been excruciating’, said Rothschild.

(Translated from St. Galler Tagblatt, 22.5.97,SDL)