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Removing cruelty from tradition
Press-Release which has been on the radio News and in some Papers in Malta

Italiano - from EVU News, Issue 2 /1997 - Româna

A donkey with tied legs waiting in the Tunisian summer heat. (Photo SDL)
The societies hereunder indicated, all of them voluntary organisations whose aims include protection of animals, approve of the warning which was issued from the Government vet regarding animals which are kept too long in the sun. The directive referred to animals which are transported without proper cover, animals which are left locked in cars, etc. It is a fact that certain animals fare worse than humans in too much heat.

We wish to take the opportunity to draw the attention of the authorities to existing laws regarding animals and specifically to the ridiculous penalties which are given in cases of cruelty. It is a fact that a maximum penalty of twenty-five pounds is not enough deterrent for those who breed dogs for fights, for example. To the question what happens to animals which have been maltreated, till now there is no acceptable humane solution.

As we are now in the beginning of the festive season, we appeal that no permits are issued for activities which involve animals doing acts which are against their nature, simply for the purpose of competition or games for the public. Special reference is made to horse-races, which have already begun, the next one being that of the Imnarja, 29th June. The hill where the race takes place, for example, is obviously too tiring and hazardous to the horses, especially when the race takes place at 2.30 p.m. when the sun is at its hottest.

The undermentioned organisations also condemn the fact that in the name of tradition, in the night of Imnarja, innumerable rabbits are killed, which have been kept crammed in cages for some days before. Many of them die of a natural death while others receive various blows by unscrupulous and inexperienced butchers before they die with tremendous pain. Apart from this it is a known fact that many times these rabbits are skinned even before they are dead.

Those who do not wish to be accomplices in these sufferings for the sake of tradition, may celebrate the feast of Imnarja by coming to Gnejna Bay, on Saturday, 28th June, at 7.00 p.m. where we will enjoy each otherís company and eat vegetarian food. You can bring your own food or buy some prepared meals.

Veg. Soc. of Malta
PCAP (Marga)
Animal Rescue (Malta)
International Animal Rescue
Marine Life Care Group
Birdlife (Malta)
National Cats Society
Friends of the Earth Island Sanctuary