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Victory in Romania:
Childrenís Home Safe

Deutsch - from EVU News, Issue 2 /1997 - Româna

Dear Sigrid De Leo,

I received your letter and copies of the European Vegetarian Union newsletter in which you printed our press release asking for support for the vegetarian diet at the AMURT childrenís home in Rumania. Many thanks for your help and the help of vegetarians around the world. As a result of many letters and faxes sent by vegetarians the danger confronting the home is now over.

The situation is as follows. The problems of the home and the authorities was not only over vegetarianism, there were also some bureaucratic problems. Six of the children were recently given to the AMURT home by the Ministry of Education and the government home where they were previously lodged.

However, these two agencies did not get the permission of another agency called the Protection of Minors. This same agency also the one which conducted the inspection and criticised the vegetarian food. After their first inspection they told the AMURT Home people that the transfer of children to the home was not legal and that the vegetarian food was not healthy for the children. They said that if we do not feed them meat they would immediately send the six children back to the government home and maybe close the home altogether sending the remaining children back to the government home.

After we notified vegetarians around the world their office was flooded with faxes. They made another inspection and were a lot more understanding. Finally, the bureaucratic problems were worked out and the transfer of the six children was given the stamp of approval by the Protection of Minors office. However, one member of that body still objects to the vegetarian food and insists that a local Rumanian doctor approve the vegetarian diet. The president of AMURT in Rumania said that the problem is 90% solved and is confident that any remaining objections to the vegetarian diet at the home will soon be overcome.

Thatís the situation as it stands right now. Once again we thank you very much for your prompt and effective support.

Yours Sincerely,
A.V. Avadhuta