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Notices for Members

from EVU News, Issue 2 /1997 - Italiano

Invitation to the AGM (Annual General Meeting)
in Bussolengo 21st of September 1997


  1. Roll-call
  2. Opening by the President
  3. Minutes of the last AGM, Trogen 1996
  4. Report by the Secretary
  5. Financial report
  6. The EVU on Internet
  7. The congress in Bussolengo
  8. Relationship EVU - IVU
  9. Bids for the congress in 1999 and 2001
  10. Guidelines for congress organisers
  11. Motions
    a) Addition to the EVU Constitution (2.3): The EVU is an independent and autonomous organisation which may serve as regional body for the IVU. The IVU cannot claim any right to interfere with EVU business.
    b) Change of the Constitution (16.2)
    Old: The AGM must be held within six months after the ending of the financial year.
    New: A general meeting of member societies has to take place every year.
    c) Membership Fees
    Raising individual membership fees to DM 40.– (£ 16.–, DFL 45.–)
    Raising family fees to DM 50.– (£ 20.–, DFL 55.–)
    Non European individual members pay an extra fee of DM 10.– for postage.
  12. Strategies for future work
  13. Vacancies and elections
    The following Board Members have to be elected:
    a) President
    b) Treasurer
    c) Deputy Secretary
    d) Board member in the Netherlands
    e) One Board Member
    f) Auditors
  14. Miscellaneous

Important Notice for Member Societies

Motions by the member societies for the AGM in Bussolengo have to be submitted to the general secretary of the EVU before September 1st, 1997.

Proposals by the member societies for the elections have to be submitted to the general secretary before September 1st, 1997.
The reports of activity of member societies should be sent in writing to the secretary before September 1st, 1997.

Sigrid De Leo, Hon. Secretary of the EVU
Bluetschwitzerweg 5
9443 Widnau
Tel/Fax: +43 71 7226445

Important Notice for members

In the official Board meeting of the EVU in Widnau, June 14th 1997 the decision was reconfirmed that the European Vegetarian Congress in Bussolengo will be organised under the full responsibility of the AVI (Assiciazione Vegetariana Italiana)

See EVU News 1/97, editorial page 2: ‘After long and intensive negatiations the EVU Congress in Bussolengo will definitely take place in Bussolengo/Italy. The conditions remain the same as published before.

The EVU has withdrawn from the organisation and the AVI (Associazione Vegetariana Italiana) is taking full responsibility for the organisation of the congress.’
Sigrid De Leo, Hon. Secretary of the EVU

How to pay for EVU

There is a main Giroaccount in Germany, Number 999.151 Kreissparkasse, D-67653 Kaiserslautern, Clearing Number (BLZ): 540.502.20.

All (associate-) members, except the ones from the BENELUX Countries, are invited to pay into the above account in DM, using if possible a Eurocheque or a DM cheque payable in Germany. Send your cheques to the treasurer Heinz Kottkamp, Maximilianstr. 16, 76534 Baden-Baden, Germany.

The members from BENELUX Countries can pay to Postbank Arnhem, Giroaccount Nr. 2245354 (EVU). There is a possibility of Life Membership for individuals: DM 425,00 or DFL 500!

Voluntary donations are always welcome to cover expenses, as there are several free memberships of societies from Eastern Countries, which are unable to send any money abroad, but need our information badly.

Thank you for your understanding and help! SDL