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Bicycling through Sweden

from EVU News, Issue 2 /1997

The Bicycle Tour from Kiruna (the North of Sweden) to Stockholm in 19 days will take place as planned, organised by Arne Wingquist from the Swedish Vegan Society. At the moment 9 participants (7 women (!), 2 men) have registered for the tour.


Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA are the nations represented in this 1400 km-long tour, where only raw food will be eaten in order to show the public that with natural nutrition rather strenuous and long physical activity can be undertaken.

The start will be in Kiruna on the 15th of July and if everything runs well we (I will take part) will arrive in Stockholm on the 3rd of August.

I do hope to make it and to be able to report in the following EVU News about what it feels like to sit on a bicycle saddle for 8-9 hours a day for a couple of weeks!

Sigrid De Leo, hon. Secretary of EVU